How to get past the blue screen on windows?

I was on the secondary user on my laptop (as in not admin) and I was just surfing the Internet when this fake, virus type thing popped up and closed whatever I had open. It would not let me close it so I restarted the laptop. This took way longer than normal, and now whenever I try to get back into that user it almost immediately gives me the blue screen and restates the computer. When I go into the Admin user everything works fine. Please help!

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    If you have any type of antivirus installed, scan immediately. After that, scan your computer with a spyware/malware utility (Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, etc.). I also wouldn't recommend logging in with the Admin account if you can avoid it. Most viruses and malware are trying to get the Admin access in order to control the PC. Relaunch in Safe Mode, if possible, then scan your computer. If it only affects one user log in, I would delete that User Profile from the laptop. As a last resort, you could try one of the registry cleaning utilities. But this is only for those comfortable with editing the registry AND you have a good backup of a working registry. If the virus/malware has thoroughly infected your registry, it may be very difficult to clean up.

    Hopefully, it hasn't gotten out of control.

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    System restore rarely 'fixes' a virus! You have two options-get rid of the virus or delete the user account and make a new one in Control Panel>User Accounts.

    Try to clean the system first, if that doesn't work, delete the infected account...

    The key words here are SAFE MODE!!!

    As some malware reside in restore points, turn System Restore off. This will delete all your restore points and any virus.

    Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.

    Click System Protection, click Configure, turn off system protection.

    Download, (if you can't get on-line, have a friend download and copy to disc/flash for transfer) install, update and then in SAFE MODE* run full scans, with these programs...

    ** Ad-Aware free

    *** Important, when downloaded/installed/updated disconnect from the internet ***

    Then re-start.

    (turn System Restore on)

    If you can't run a scan, go into the scanner's folder and re-name the .exe file to something like 'MyFile.exe' and try in safe mode again. Some malware prevent the execution of anti spy/mal/virus scans by blocking them by name.

    You should consider getting a good Anti-Virus program.

    Try one of these free ones... (Avria)

    ***Never use more than one, active, anti-virus program at any one time***

    *Note: On start up (before Windows loads) keep tapping either F5 or F8 (be aware that some manufacturers use F8 for system recovery!) then use arrow keys to highlight 'Safe Mode with networking' and hit Enter/Return, click on a user account, enter the Administrator password (if you don't know it, there probably isn't one so leave it blank) and hit Enter/Return.

    **Note: Malwarebytes should be run in 'Normal Mode' unless that isn't possible!

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    This has happened to me a couple of times, I boot in safe mode, then restart in regular mode and that almost always seems to fix it the first time. I am sure that there are much more technical fixes, but this easy one is worth a shot and like I said it works for me.

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    Google the name of this fake virus thing and you'll probably find specific removal procedures.

    You can also try system restore which sometimes works.

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