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How do I access my full download speed?


I use AT&T's DSL through a wireless router on my Macbook pro, but my average download speed is 154 kb/s (extremely slow), I was at a friend's house and was able to access his full internet speed at 2mb/s, so it isn't my computer. Any ideas on how I can speed up my download speeds? I download lots of big important files, so having slow download speeds makes my life a living hell. Help please.


Yeah, I checked that site and it said a little over 1 mb/s.

That makes me kind of sad, but thank you.

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    You know downloading speed depends on many factors.

    You can use a download accelerator I suggest IDM but Flashget is free now you can choose one.

    But some times speed of downloading depends on the web site that you are downloading from for example downloading from as a free client is disaster in crowded times. You should try some other web sites to find out the real speed of your downloading.

    Try to download from (because it is a famous site) they let you to download with maximum speed.

    I wish this helps.

    But I want others to add whatever is usefull to my answer.

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    While Downloading the Big File Bascially the speed get slow Only,So You can't get Full Speed of your plan..even though You have high speed Internet....So you can follow the Instructions Below to speed up your internet....

    You can Install latest Version Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer Browser,then You avoid too many download at same time ,don't use too many icons in Desktop and task bar,Use latest anti-virus,Fire wall and Internet Security once format the system OS,clear Cookies and cache after and before using the Browser,use the Internet after Doing this,Check the speed at here if speed not increases means call your ISP.

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    You need a faster internet for this. Apart from having sufficient RAM and processing speed below are the few tips to deal with slow internet:

    Try and user Google chrome Its light weight and fast you can get it for free from the following URL

    Download any good System Cleaner and Internet Optimizer such as RegInOut from Intel Software Directory ( ) to clear Browser history and cache because when the cache gets full, your browsing will slow down. 

    Make sure system is free of Mal wares and viruses use Avast free and Malware Bytes (FREE)

    Sometimes your DNS server is not fast enough you can experiment with some third party DNS server Such as OpenDNS I tested this with two ISP connections found it very useful with One of them, didn’t get much difference in case of second ISP.

    Always try and use a download manager. There are many free options available

    Make sure your system firewall in enable and managed to stop unwanted internet traffic 

    You can control access of programs to internet using windows Firewall

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    What DSL plan do you have? What is the claimed download speed for your plan? What speed do you measure when you go to speed testing sites like If you have, for example, DSL Express (1.5Mbps), then 154KB/s is exactly right.

    A raw line speed of 1.5Mbps (AT&T's claim for their DSL Express service) means 1,500,000 bits per second or 187,500 bytes per second (data is measured in 1,024 byte units). That's equivalent to a raw line speed of 183KB/s. Since TCP is about 90% efficient (the line also has to carry address and control information, not just data), that would mean you should see a download speed of about 165KB/s theoretical maximum. A real world speed of 154KB/s is dead on.

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    get the same internet connection package that your friend has?

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