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whats better to get rid of a sinus infection!?

ive had a sinus infection/filled up head for about 5 days, i think it may be starting to go away a little, but ive been taking sudafed and advil for it .. (not together though) .. which is a better decongestant? or what do you think would help better? advil or sudafed? ive been taking 2 every 4 or so hours like it says.

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    Oh I feel for ya! I used to get sinus infections all the time. A friend told me her husband makes a nasal spray out of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (this is the kind used for cleaning wounds etc.) she said it stings like crazy but his sinus infection is cured after one treatment.

    I use an empty bottle of Nasal Spray and fill it with Hydrogen Proxide and tried it and this guy is braver than me because it was really insanely painful - however, yes I was 80% better after one application.

    Since then I have diluted with purified water about 25% water and 75% HP. It may take a a day of applying 3 xs but it really kicks it out.

    If you use over the counter Nasal Sprays like Aflin (is that the spelling) or others, know that they have powerful chemicals you may not want in your body. I had side effects from them.

    The Cure zone below is a great resource for all kinds health related stuff.

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    Advil is better, but have you tried Mucinex? Have you tried going to the bathroom and running a hot shower and you sit down on a chair as you let the steam hit you? That typically works for me. Also drink lots of cold fluids. Hope you get better!

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