Info on magic mushrooms? shrooms?

i am thinking of doing shrooms. I live in surrey, Canada can someone tell me where to find them, how to do them, and any additional info? thanks

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  • stone
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    9 years ago
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    I used to eat shrooms...

    Here's a pretty good pic.

    psilocybin cubensis grows when it's hot, like 90 + degrees, and then if it rains... I've seen them come up in irrigated organic gardens...

    The problem with mushrooms is the potential for mis-identification. Everybody has a horror story about something that happened to a friend of a relative...

    Dunno if any of those stories actually happened, but best thing is to go shroom hunting with an expert.

    How to do them?

    I'd fry them up with a hamburger and add them to the sandwich just like store-bought... tasted the same.

    I have friends that eat them with maple syrup... I thought that eating them that way was yucky...

    I always found that 1 or 2 maybe 3 was plenty... And eating them with a friend or several was always fun...

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  • Judy
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    9 years ago

    Better think twice before doing this.

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