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My 04 ford f150 stalls in drive?

While in drive at low RPM's it will stall like approaching a stop sign or at times like those... I am thinking it has something to do with the throttle, maybe it needs cleaning or something because at high rpms it has tried to stall a few times so I put my foot on the break and then when I take my foot off the break it will try to accelerate with out me touching the gas

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    It's probably a bad TPS(throttle position sensor). These go bad quite commonly and this would be the best explanation for the RPMs going up and down. It'll also make a vehicle stall if it let's the RPMs drop too low.

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    clean the throttle body.. the blade probably has a bunch of greasy dirt like scum on and around it that is blocking it from opening and once open sticking open. that can be very dangerous. go to an autostore and find maf cleaner or throttle body cleaner and follow the directions til you clean that up. good luck.

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    I asked a very similar question about my 98 ford explorer with the same problem...maybe it'll help you...;_ylt=Ahy7X...

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