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Is Birdman a pervert?

The fact that Birdman Birdman watched Lil wayne be raped when he was 11 and is obsessed with things of a young nature such as his nickname Baby, "Young" Money, and numerous childish nicknames within the record company is strange and disturbing. I have also seen many youtube videos exposing Birdman as being a perv.

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If this had of happened to an 11 year old girl and she said she "liked it" people would look at this entirely different. It amazes me how people this this is ok and Birdman should get away with this. People need to realize that children at that age cannot make choices for themselves and are naive and STOP taking advantage of them.

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    Anyone with the name Birdman is a perv.

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    Wow. First of all, in the second video, grown men hug each other all the time. Especially in photos. And when he said "niggas come **** with me" he didn't mean it in the way that you think. He meant he will fight a dude or joan or whatever way. Do you realize that he was raised in a very rough place? He is HOOD. You're probabaly white or something, so I don't expect you to understand what I mean.

    You seriously can't listen to everything that you hear in the media. Why would Lil Wayne, one of the biggest rap stars of today, say that he liked it when he was raped at the age of 11? He has a career, and he is one of the hardest, coolest guys out there right now. That's what he has to portray, so why would he say that?

    Think logically. And the person who made that video didn't have any real facts or references. Those were his opinions. Not facts. And even if Birdman is gay, what does that have to do with you? Why should you care? And if he were sexually molesting or forcing members of the Young Money crew to have sex with him, then that is their problem. They could sue him or anything if he made them that uncomftorable. None of these things concern you.

    Now, instead of worrying about his sexuality, why don't you worry about the way him and his crew talk about women? That is perverted and wrong. And a lot of old men like younger women. THAT is peverted. And what does his nickname have to do with anything? His nickname has been baby forever. It's been that way since he was really young, so that doesn't prove anything. And young money's name is that, because they're all young and making a lot of money, and starting a new thing.

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    I have trouble believing anyone would rape lil wayne. Besides Birdman he is probably the ugliest and most irritating person i have ever seen.

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    he rape-raped weezy when he was eleven. its in a documentary. weezy loved it.

    the truth why are you obsessed with wanting to see some kind of tape between birdman and weezy?

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    holy **** lil wayne did say he was raped too.. that so f*cked up, not right!! :s i guess if u got lots of $$ u can get away with n e thing

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