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PoLL!!True Or False..Someday The One You Gave Away Will Be The Only One You're Wishing For?

I think it happens to a lot of people... They just end up throwing away the best thing in their life not even knowing what they just did....What do you think? Thank you :)

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    It depends on who we are talking about because i really don't think i'm ever going to wish for the few guys i've given away but i do think the guy that broke my heart and gave me away is going to regret it and wish for me lol ;)

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    If I had 3 desires and had to provide them away i'd with out hesitation provide them to both my sons and my suitable pal. My sons are extremely fantastic to me and deserve any strong issues that come their way. My suitable pal is the variety of pal that all of us desire for in our lives, and he or she too benefits the suitable. i am going to take oranges thanks...

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    True :)

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    They broke up with me. It was a long time ago. I still miss them everyday. I hope someday they miss me at all, let alone anything else.

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    true, sometimes... but there was a reason, you gave them away...

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    I'm at the day you are talking about right now wondering just how I could have been so damn ignorant

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