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why does the whitehouse consider Egypt a distraction? is this the reason 0bama is slow to act?

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    it means he has to stop a golf game, a round of hoops and he has to talk to some real leaders about it instead of reading Marx

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    I don't see where you got that the White House considers Egypt a distraction. The article you posted does not imply that at all.

    I don't see why you want Obama to act at all. Are you suggesting we start another war? That's not a good idea. Our money and defense is spread thin as it is. President Obama can send Hillary Clinton or someone else from the administration over for talks, but we shouldn't jump into Egypt acting like we're the only purveyors of justice in the world. We do that enough already.

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    What would you say if the following happened;

    1: Mubarak (the tyrannical torturing dictator) leaves and takes refuge in Israel.

    2: The corporate media in the west then starts a campaign of lies to 'convince' the ignorant masses in the west that evil islamists have taken over in Egypt and could strike very soon against Israel or the west.

    3: Israel then strikes Egypt and invades, taking out all those who opposed the TORTURING TYRANNICAL DICTATOR.

    4: The torturing tyrant returns.

    I think you, and many more in the west need to widen your gaze and seek the truth for once and stop allowing yourself to be manipulated like frightened children are with ghost stories.

    To have a greater understanding of what your "elected" puppets are actually saying when you see them on the T.V. you need to first learn how to decode what they are saying, very much like this:

    Youtube thumbnail


    And look at this, the Stazi, Nazi like Police and see what they are doing to peaceful People who only want peace and a representative form of Government.

    Watch how the People, in the face of these disgusting Police assaults, stand still and simply pray.

    It sick.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Peace be upon you.

  • molly
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    Whats he supposed to do bomb the place that would be a good way to gain peace.

    Luckily he is bit smarter and restrained than your last president and will probably let Egypt dictate to Egypt instead of allow the US to dictate to it.

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    Gandhi's 2nd video should be a wake up call to us all.

    We should all be supporting the People of Egypt.

    This is coming to us all soon.

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    Only thing obama can do is to show stronger support of the people. He is really not saying anything----this is alot more serious situation than people realizes. I am a con, but the truth is, obama is in a difficult situation--lets see what unfolds in next couple of days--

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    Just what exactly do you expect him to do? Invade? Or should the US let Egypt fix their own internal problems?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What's he going to do about it? Let Egypt deal with their own problems.

  • diggle
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    1 decade ago

    Slow to act? On Egypt? What do you want him to do, invade?

    Calm down, Tucker.

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    This is not for Obama to solve. I'm not sure why you think it is.

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