How Would One Compare Satan To The Mara?

In what ways are they the same or different?


@Woody B: You do realize that the "alien-snake creature" from Dr. Who was inspired by an evil entity from Buddhism, right...?

Update 2:

@Christian: No, I'm not doing any homework of any kind. I'm just interested for my sake.

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  • 10 years ago
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    This is an exam bot, right? Or are you searching for people who love to take tests? Or maybe your are McGivering your homework?

    If it's the latter you should at least make the effort to reformulate the question so it seems like it's you asking, not your professor.

    If you cast about outside yourself for answers often enough, it becomes habit. The tools you have in your head and heart become weak and someday you may not be able to find a bit of gum, a stick and some twine on the ground. And then, when you open your own toolbox, it may well be empty.

    Your teacher doesn't necessarily want you to know about Mara as much as they want to inspire you to stand up straight...all on your own. Think your own thoughts or someday your life may well belong to the thoughts, actions and tendencies of others.

    If you think the above is advice rather than an answer...think again. It's also the effect that Satan has on the mind. It entangles, paralyzes and makes thought processes null. And that can lead to hell through complacency. Identification through others, following the mob and never standing on your own leads to a null life that will never seek God. Satan may be riding your life as Mara rides trees, chests and whatever. In this way, the myth of Mara speaks to the reality of Satan...perdition by way of avoidance, fear, confusion, paralysis, self denial and just downright laziness. And with Satan, your spiritual breath is taken away till your physical breath is also taken away.

    Wake up, untangle, breath your own air, think your own thoughts and straighten yourself.


    If you are just interested in comparisons between Mara and Satan (but sound like you're doing homework), then I guess you can pick out my answer from the above.

  • 10 years ago

    Well, Satan is the "Bad Guy" from christianity. The Mara is an alien Snake-intelligence from Doctor Who.

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