New Philippine passport: do I need new photos taken?

I will be renewing my Philippine passport soon. I cannot find anywhere on the DFA website mention of the specs for passport photos, nor how many copies I need to provide with the application. Do they not require photos anymore? Is it like NBI clearance, and SSS ID applications, where they take a digital photo of you, instead of you providing your own?

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    On the website of the Philippines Consulate in New York you can read:

    What are the new photo requirements for the ePassport?

    Regular Renewal/First Time Passport applicants -■ NO PASSPORT PHOTO REQUIRED ■- your photo will be taken digitally by our processors during the passport application enrollment step.

    Replacement of Lost Passport/Irregular cases - One (1) colored passport-size (4.5cm X 3.5cm) photo with plain white background required. You may have your passport photo taken at any studio, as these will only be used for filing purposes.


    • straight frontal shot (no tilting of head)

    • “medium” smile (no teeth showing)

    • collared shirt / decent attire

    • both ears visible / both eyebrows visible (no bangs)

    • head scarf / veil for religious or health reasons allowed

    Image can be rejected for the following reasons:

    • distorted image – head is tilted or smile is too wide

    • women - excessive makeup, large earrings

    • men – wearing makeup, earrings

    • colored contact lenses that disguise the natural color of the applicant's eyes

    • use of headgear other than scarf/veil for religious or health reasons

    • use of eyeglasses / shades

    • poor photo quality / poor or uneven lighting

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    Yep as you go there they will take pictures of you on the spot so be presentable enough. Bring photos just in case.

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