What should I get? Banjo Tooie, or Portal: Still Alive?

Which XBLA game should I get?

Ive played banjo kazooie before, as i have it for the N64

I also have rented banjo tooie, but dont remember much.

Now portal i have played the trial. i thought it was quite clever. Should I get it?

You tell me

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    10 years ago
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    Portal is quite a short game (Story-line wise) but it also has many Trials and such, where you can compete against the clock.

    I'd personally say Portal, though I've never played Banjo Tooie.

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  • 10 years ago

    I definitely reccomend Portal, its one of the best, most unique games I've played. It is a new genre, and its storyline is fresh, a funny, but serious story. It has a great ending and after you beat it you will feel very accomplished. It is very short, you will probably beat the main story in about 5 hours, but after that you can go for achievements and play bonus maps. Plus it will get you ready for portal 2, which will be a full game, and have co-op and build on the storyline.

    I don't know much about Banjo Kazooie, but it does remind me of the good old days of N64 (best console ever), and I heard a lot of praise back then. So I reccomend Portal, but it is good to go back and play those old games. So maybe play Banjo Kazooie again on N64? Good luck

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