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What do you think of the name Ada?

Pronounced ah-dah or Ad-ah.

So what do you think of it? Would you ever use it? What middle names do you think go well with it?


@Kevin7: Yes, that's how I came by the name :) I quite like Ada Lovelace.

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    I really like's appealingly old-fashioned, simple, pretty, and sounds strong and feminine at the same time. It's similar to the pretty but popular Ava, only fresher.

    I'd pair it with a similarly vintage but longer middle name...ideas:

    Ada Josephine

    Ada Victoria

    Ada Susannah

    Ada Heloise

    Ada Meredith

    Ada Catherine

    Ada Felicity

    Ada Georgiana

    Ada Lorelei

    Ada Rosamond

    Ada Seraphine

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    I adore the name Ada, a very historical, meaningful name, a very old Saint's name too.

    I would use it if I was ever that lucky, have actually suggested this overseas when asked to give a name to a little girl. Middle name suggestions are

    Ada Therese

    Ada Garnet

    Ada Pearl

    Ada Vivian

    Ada Dorothy

    Ada Marion

    Ada Miriam

    Ada Joy

    Ada Myrtle

    Ada Constance

    Hope that these will help

    Source(s): Ordained Priest
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    Ada is a lovely nickname for Adaline. Such pretty names.

    I like Adaline Rose or Ada Rosalie and Adaline Grace or Ada Gracelyn

    Also, Ada Kay, Ada Kathleen, Ada Kathryn are lovely or

    Adaline Kate, Adaline Kathleen or Adaline Kathryn. *:)

  • Janna
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    10 years ago

    Ada I like it but believe I would use it as a middle name easier to pick name flos.

    Ada Leighann

    Ada Grace

    Ada Makinzie

    Ada Renaee

    Ada Rose

    By the way my Grandma N law had this name Ada

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  • 10 years ago

    I like it . Yes of course and I would use it . Some good middle names for Ada are :







    Hope I helped ! ;)

  • Kevin7
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    10 years ago

    I like it Ada , Ada was Lord Byron's daughter and a computer programmer (one of the first)

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    Precious. ooo! the girl who said Ada Genevieve- 1 point for you!

    I perfer the pronunciation -ADE-uh than ah-dah

    I like it short for Adelheid. Ada.

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    I love the name Aida. (pronounced AY-DUH) I dont like it pronounced Ad-ah.

    I actually would use this name for my child except my sons name is Aiden so I can't because that would be weird. lol

    I like


    Aida Grace

    Aida Sage

    Aida Paige

    Aida Belle

    Aida Claire

    Aida Jane

  • I adore Ada! In fact, I have Ada Genevieve on my own list. :) Anyways, it's a gorgeous name!

  • 10 years ago

    I like it its sweet and calm just like a fairy :D ( in spanish) i like Ada michelle or Ada rose

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