Black Ops: High Killstreak Class?

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Hey guys, i've been playing black ops since about 2 months, i keep getting better, but i can never get high killstreaks on a regular basis, which is kinda boring. I would consider more
Update : High Killstreak i consider to be 9-11
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  • Harry answered 3 years ago
It all depends on the way you play. If you rush I would recommend using..
Either the MPL or AK74u with rapid fire.
Steady Aim Pro since you are rushing.
Tactical Mask Pro. It protects you from stun and flash grenades. Really usefull. But it is a B to get. Haha.

If you are strategically defending a location, or camping for short, useeee:
The Commando or Famas with Dual Mag.
Sleight of Hand.
Tactical Mask Pro or Hacker, your choice.

The killstreaks I would recommend for you would be Spy Plane, Blackbird, and Chopper Gunner or Gunship.

If you are a PS3 gamer, add me and I will explain better. My id is Harrywhat.


8th Prestige and KD of 2.10.

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  • rosamedina2006 answered 3 years ago
    depending on what high kill streaks you mean... like today my kill streaks were UAV, black bird, and chopper gunner... i used

    Primary- Galil with red dot
    Secondary- I used a launcher, but if you prefer a pistol go ahead and choose

    then used Grenade, flash grenade, and claymore

    also used hardline, hardened, and marathon

    you should do well with that class.=) let me know how it goes.


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  • Luke answered 3 years ago
    ak74u with extended mag , expecially on small maps , use hardline , hacker , and marathon


    black ops
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  • jbrunotte91 answered 3 years ago
    For Small Maps: Use a AK74U with a Silencer
    Perk One: Hardline, Perk Two: Slight of Hand, Perk Three: Marathon

    For Large Maps: Use a Famas with a Silencer
    Perk One: Hardline, Perk Two: Slight of Hand, Perk Three: Marathon


    My Fiancée Plays Black Ops very Well
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