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BABY NAME GAME!!!*!*!*!!?

You are an engaged woman/man with a fiancée named Sarah-Charlotte/Blake Ryan. If you are a boy, your name is Blake Ryan Neil. If you are a girl, then your name is Sarah-Charlotte Costello (soon to be Neil.)

1)You are pregnant/got her pregnant with a blonde haired brown eyed baby girl. She is playful and has an adorable laugh. You decide that her initials are going to be A.G. What do you name her?

2) You got married! On your honeymoon, you got pregnant!/got her pregnant!

You two gave birth to a set of twins! Two boys! One with sandy blonde hair and big husky blue eyes. The other has very white skin, white hair and blue eyes... He is an albino child! You haven't decided on initials yet, so you can name them however you want!

3)You and your partner got into a huge fight! You worked it out with each other and you/she were/was announced pregnant 2 and a half weeks later! You/she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with dark black hair and deep blue eyes. Her initials are L.B What do you name her?

4) You and your partner went to a baby shower for your best friend Douglas and Michelle. You miss having little babies in your arms. You go home and get pregnant! Out comes quadruplets! 3 boys and 1 girl.

- the first little boy has downs syndrome. He has brown hair with blonde highlights. He has hazel eyes. What do you name him?

-the second little boy has red hair and emerald green eyes with a yellow ring around his pupil. His initials are J.A. What do you name him?

-the third boy has bleach-blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He came out with 6 fingers on one hand. What do you name him?

-the little girl has black hair and grass-green eyes. She has a cute little nose and huge eyes. Her initials are D.E. What do you name her?

5) You and your partner decide you two are too old to have birth again. But, your firstborn daughter got pregnant to a man named Jason Tyler Webb. They want her FIRST initial to be "E". They have decided to let you pick her first name (starting with "E") and any middle name. The baby girl they gave birth to has a very dark skin complexion (the father is African-American.) She has dark brown eyes and a cute little mouth. What do you decide to name her?

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    1) AnnaRose Genevieve

    2) Blondie: Leonardo Christopher (but everyone calls him Leo) Albino: David Joseph

    3) Liza Beth

    4) Down Syndrome Boy: Theodore (Teddy) Michael.

    Red Head Boy:James Archibald (Jamie or Archie)

    Blondie w/ Dark eyes: Angelo Ryder (Ryder)

    Black Haired Girl: Devon Evangeline (Devon, Eve, or Evie)

  • Ciara
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    10 years ago

    Ava Grace

    Jack Ryan and Sean Blake

    Lauren Brianne

    Oliver Charles, Jameson Adam, Lucas Steven and Daisy Eleanor

    Emmeline Sarah Grace

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Amelia Grace

    Oscar Noah

    Lucas Nathan

    Lydia Brooke

    Finnlay Rohan

    Jesse Axel

    Carter Mason

    Daria Elise

    Elyssa Grace

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Annabelle Grace

    James Riley and Joshua Reece

    Lucia Breanne

    Caleb Isaiah

    Jacob Aaron

    Evan Matthew

    Danielle Elise

    Emilia Annelise


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    Aubree Grace

    Isaac Mitchell

    Caleb Daniel

    Lauryn Belle

    Barrett Tyler

    Jacob Adam

    Nick Dakota

    Delaney Ellen

    Eden Renee

  • 1. Alliana Georgia

    2. William George & Henri Charles

    3. Liliette Brittany

    4. Ethan David, Jake Austin, Aaaron Simon, Charlotta Marie.

    5. Eleanora Monique

  • 10 years ago

    1. Alivia Grace

    2. Logan Alan

    James Anthony

    3. Lydia Beth

    4. Christopher Sean

    Daisy Elizabeth

    5. Elise Faye

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    1. Ava Grace Neil.

    2. Jacob Ethan and Michael Alexander Neil.

    3. Lily Brianna Neil.

    4. William Joshua, Jayden Anthony, Daniel Noah, and Destiny Evelyn.

    5. Eva Mackenzie Webb.

    Blake and I (Charlie) have Avie, Jacob, Mick, Lily, Will, Jay, Dannie, and Destiny. Our first grandchild is Kenzie.

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    1. Aria Grace

    2. Dylan Matthew and Ryan Blake

    3. Lilah Brielle

    4. Caleb Nathaniel, Jayden Adam, Ashton Riley and Delaney Emerald

    5. Emma Taylor

  • 10 years ago

    1. Abigail Grace

    2. Elliott Cole and Logan Zachary

    3. Libby Blake


    a) Davis Parker

    b) Jacob Alexander

    c) Eli Carter

    d) Dana Emerald

    5. Elsie Marie


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