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In the United States Of American , What is a funeral with " Full Military Honor's " mean & entail ?

Can you in your own words please tell this Canadian ?

Does it have a Gun Salute ..Etc ?

Thank You All

Dedicated to my friend Jacob who recently lost his dad .


Apologies : United States Of America

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    Standard Honors: Standard graveside honors can be provided enlisted service members by the appropriate branch of service at Arlington National Cemetery. These honors include: A casket team, A firing party, A bugler. Additionally, all branches of the armed services may use the caisson, if available, for service members who have reached the top NCO grade of E-9.

    The cemetery staff will make arrangements for military honors when requested by the next of kin or representative. A military chaplain may also be requested.

    Full Honors: In addition to the standard military honors, those eligible for full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery may also receive: An escort platoon (size varies according to the rank of the deceased), A military band. Burial flags are provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at no cost. Most veterans are entitled to burial flags. Reservists entitled to retired pay are also eligible. Only one burial flag may be provided per veteran. They are provided as a matter of course at Arlington National Cemetery and at National, state or post cemeteries.

    Additionally, those eligible for full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery may use the caisson, if available. Officers in the rank of colonel and above in the Army and the Marine Corps may be provided a caparisoned (riderless) horse, if available. General officers may receive a cannon salute (17 guns for a four-star general, 15 for a three-star, 13 for a two-star, 11 for a one-star), if available. Each service has variations to these funeral honors. The president of the United States is entitled to a 21-gun salute, while other high state officials receive 19 guns.

    Military spouses and family members: When a spouse or other dependent of a current or former member of the Armed Forces is buried at Arlington, the military service in which the primary party served will provide a casket team and a chaplain. No other military honors will be rendered unless the spouse served in the military.

    Sequence of Events for an Army Honors Funeral At Arlington National Cemetery

    The caisson or hearse arrives at grave site, everyone presents arms.

    Casket team secures the casket, NCOIC, OIC and chaplain salute.

    Chaplain leads the way to grave site, followed by casket team.

    Casket team sets down the casket and secures the flag.

    The NCOIC ensures the flag is stretched out and level, and centered over the casket.

    NCOIC backs away and the chaplain, military or civilian, will perform the service.

    At conclusion of interment service and before benediction, a gun salute is fired for those eligible ( i.e. general officers).

    Chaplain concludes his service and backs away, NCOIC steps up to the casket.

    The NCOIC presents arms to initiate the rifle volley.

    Rifle volley complete, bugler plays "Taps."

    Casket-team leader starts to fold the flag.

    Flag fold complete, and the flag is passed to the NCOIC, OIC.

    Casket team leaves grave site.

    NCOIC, OIC either presents the flag to the next of kin, or if there is a military chaplain on site he will present the flag to the chaplain, and then the chaplain will present to the next of kin.

    Arlington Lady presents card of condolences to the next of kin

    Source(s): http://www.arlingtoncemetery.mil/ceremonies/milita... My condolences to Jacob and his family.
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    Yes there would be a military bugle playing Taps at the funeral, as well as flag folding, flag presentation to the surviving spouse or loved one, etc. There may also be a 21 gun salute. Really it depends on what the family wants. For my husbands grandfather, my husband had only the taps and flag presentation done, but it was last minute and my husband felt as if it were only right to have it done for him since he was an honored veteran. You can contact the local reserve unit, VA or possibly those who served with the deceased because they may want to take part in it as well.

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  • Mary
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    9 years ago

    Many of my family members had military funerals.

    Military Guards are present at the viewing to assist the family as needed. The coffin is draped with a US flag. Pall Bearers are military men. The person has the right to be buried in a military cemetary.

    At the cemetary Taps is played on a bugle and there is a 21 gun salute as the person's final farewell.

    Source(s): Ever time I hear Taps I shake all over~
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am not an American though a Military Funeral of that Honour would have a 21 Gun Salute, An American Flag draped coffin; which the American Flag would be folded up and Presented to the deceased`s wife or mother-N.O.K.-Next of Kin if the Military Personnel was K.I.A.-Killed in Action. The Appropriate Canadian can be buried with full Military Honours also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, i forgot in America-TAPS will be played, Canada-Britain, Dominion Countries-LAST POST.This is more than a HEARTWRENCHING moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still stands thine ancient sacrifice, A humble and a contrite heart; Lord God of Hosts be with us yet, Lest we Forget, Lest we Forget!

    A poem by Rudyard Kipling.

    My condolonces to Jacob, his family and yourself, and also AMERICA; for your loss of a HERO!

    Source(s): Part of a Military funeral i witnessed at Arlington National Cemetery; in which i was HONOURED to have stood at ATTENTION for; as i am a CIVILIAN who never served in the Military, and WILL NOT or CANNOT SALUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 9 years ago

    It means that they fought in battle. I know i went to my great uncles' funeral a few years back and the whole service was so emotional and i cried. That was the first one i ever attended.

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