(Many)Questions about becoming a Canadian commercial pilot?

Is it wrong to be asking questions like this when i'm only 13?

I would like to become a commercial pilot and my heart says im destined to be one i just dont know what subjects are important to take in high school(this might sound silly).

Does it matter about the courses you take in high school?

All of my subjects im taking are completely average(seriously) except i struggle with geography a bit.

After high school, what next? Ive read a couple websites on this and learned there are quite a few ways to become a pilot: Joining the airforce(not interested), going to a traditional school or college school.

Do you go straight to these schools after high school or do you have to take random courses in university(aeronautics, etc.)?

How long will school take?

Lets say ive made it through college and all my school is completed, what now?

Im done, sorry for asking so many questions.

Thanks for your answers.

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    10 years ago
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    When it comes to military training I believe you now need a university degree to qualify. Its very hard to get into flight training with the military and most who apply end up as a radar tech or some other boring job. Off the top of my head and trying to remember what I did in High School besides skip out a lot, math is important, and geography. What kind of grades you get is irrelevant really, unless you are planning on taking flight training via a college program. I would advise getting private flight training, you can usually arrange an educational loan to pay for it, and you can also work to help pay for your flying, and progress at your own speed.

    Why dont you google flight training ground school or even take a trip out to the airport and talk to an instructor, most I know wouldnt think you were too young and just brush you off - ask about ground school courses. If you go the private way you do NOT want to get a recreational license, you want to go for the full private VFR license and can go on to instrument training etc too

    Keep in mind financially its not the best career choice though. You have a lot of time to make up your mind, it would be cool if you could get to a flight school, and ask your questions and maybe take a flight too --

    PS I decided I was going to be a pilot when I was 3 yrs old so I wouldnt say 13 is young, thats when I had my first flight in a little cessna

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    10 years ago

    Not interested in going military ... ?-

    So I do not think you are interested in becoming a pilot -

    Military is best training, and... it is free, and they pay you too -

    Learn what is the best, first (problem of being a 13 years old) -

    Source(s): Retired pilot -
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