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Is it true that Arabs and Iran are running out of oil? What should Israel do?

Indonesia has already become the net importer of oil. Iran will become oil net importer in 10 years.

What about the Arab gulf states like Saudi Arabia, bahrein, Katar?

And what should Israel do with the perpectiv of the arab oil running dry in sight?

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    Wikileaks published the secret telegrams of the American Consulate in Ryad, the capital of the Saudi Arabia, which confirm the reports of the experts that the oil in Arab countries will soon be over. This was confirmed by the former chief of the oil exploring of the Saudi Arabian company Aramco, Sadad al Huseini.

    Al Huseini said that the real resources of oil in Saudo Arabia are 40% less than the official data published by the government of this country. As Al Huseini also said the government deliberately published the false information in order to attract the foreign investors.

    By the information of Al Huseini, the Saudi oil production will reach its peak

    after 2012. Fifteen years after that it will be on the stable level of 12 million barrels a day – and after that the production will rapidly decrease as the oil fields will become exhausted.

    In total, the Saudi oil resources are overestimated by the giant amount of 300 billion barrels.

    In other set of the telegrams, the American experts point out at the sharp increase of the home demand for oil in Saudi Arabia, which will result in the less amount this country can offer for export. The demand for the electric energy in Saudi Arabia grows 10% a year and will reach 68,000 Mega Watts in 2018. By 2020, the world total oil production will reach its peak and its increase will be impossible.

    Israel should just hold on some 20 years more without giving an inch of land to Arabs. After that, without oil, Arabs will lose any interest for the West who besides will have so many problems at home that it will have neither power, nor wish ot rime to get busy with the "palestinian " question.

    Just hold on.

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    It seems there is plenty of oil but unfortunately most of it is in the hands of countries that have very bad relations with Israel and the US. Expect the CIA and Mossad to try and foment coups, wars

    and other mischeif to gain control of it. It is in their nature.

    Iran is the world's fourth largest oil producer and is OPEC's second-largest producer after Saudi Arabia.

    The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are claimed to be the largest in the world. The reported proven reserves reach 297 billion barrels, surpassing that of the previous long-term world leader, Saudi Arabia.

    Oil reserves in Iraq will be the largest in the world according to recent geological surveys and seismic data The Iraqi government has stated that new exploration showed Iraq has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, with more than 350 billion barrels. Officially confirmed reserves rank third largest in the world at approximately 143 billion barrels

    Proved reserves are those reserves claimed to have a reasonable certainty (normally at least 90% confidence) of being recoverable under existing economic and political conditions, with existing technology.

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    all Israel has to do is wait out the oil reserves and for the arab states to lose money it will then beome the economic power in the region

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    Israel should worry more about themselves.

    I say Israel invest a little more in green energy. They are already world leaders in the field, but it couldn't hurt to spend a little more for the planet.

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    First of all Iranians aren't Arabs, they speak Farsi, which is an ancient language that Absolutely has nothing to do with Arabic,

    And secondly this is the best wet dream that thee Israelis have and they they hope that one day that wet dream will come true, well keep dreaming ir's not going to happen.

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    what should israel do?

    be in the forefront of research for renewable and alternative resources to oil, that would be the best thing for israel!!

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    Time to switch to renewable energy resources, and this means everybody

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    Then it will be up to us the Norwegians to supply the world with oil.

    We have the largest subterranean quantity on Earth.

    We are all Pro-Palestine, of course.

    bye bye

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    Israel should further develop its sun, wind other forms of alternative energy

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    Arabs don't deserve oil, I think we're so annoying.

    Except for Lebanon, we should have oil!

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