How is everyone dealing with the driving conditions where they are in North America?

Just wondering as to what it is like where you are and how are you dealing with it? We have maybe had 8" of snow and just getting over a 6 day cold front of - 22 , dry and cold then, warm and wet is what we get, next week we see 0 or better and rain. BtW Ontario Canada. I know, wrong section but this is not a poll.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, the short answer is "badly". However, let me elaborate. We recently had several snow storms that each had it's own unique character, and as a result, caused different kinds of driving problems. The main thing that defines how people will be able to drive in these storms is what time of day they occur. An overnight storm will cause problems with the morning commute. If the storm begins early enough, local, state and federal authorities have plenty of opportunity to take decisions on whether to delay openings, or close altogether. These decisions, if taken early enough, will minimize the commute problems by keeping more traffic off the roads. The worst storm time is between morning rush and midday. We had one like that, which caused the federal government to release people 2 hours early. The roads were awful, and only got worse as the entire workforce tried to get home at the same time. There were reports of up to 12 hour commutes home. I hope this gives you some of the information you were seeking. BTW - Ashburn, VA (ex-urb of Washington DC).

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  • 9 years ago

    I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. we don't get snow, never have ice and the roads are always dry unless it rains, which isn't often. It is supposed to be 77° here today. I think I'll go ride my motorcycle.

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  • Faye.
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    9 years ago

    What a moronic question.

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