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Why is my computer using so much memory?

My computer is driving me doesn't make sense, when there is no application running, it is using so much memory, and the core temperature ranges from 80-95 degrees Celsius, and the highest its gone is over 100, when I was doing absolutely nothing to it.

When I try to put it to sleep, it won't go to sleep, the monitor gets ready for sleep, but the computer is like full blown using so much and making SO MUCH NOISE, that it stops itself from going to sleep and stays on. When I start using programs and stuff like photoshop, sometimes it calms down to 30-50 degrees C, it just doesn't make sense to me (or maybe it could be that whatever devil that is causing this stops when I happen to be using programs).

I have an HP windows vista 32 bit home, AMD athalon 64 X2 dual processor 4400 + 2.30 GHz

1918 MB of RAM

and when I open my task manager, it is using 83 processes, CPU usage is around 60%, Physical memory: 55% (and right now the only thing I am using is yahoo answers on google chrome), I just closed everything and checked, and it went down to 80 processes, and the same amount of usage and memory.

Usually the most memory guzzling process is my cheap little anti-virus program using around 52, 652 K of memory (I don't know if that's a lot? the google chrome is using slightly less than that, so I doubt it)...and Host process for windows services which leads to a bunch of crap that I don't understand. This is absolutely ridiculous, Vista is evil. Do I have a virus or something?

As I am writing and preparing this question, suddenly the core temp dropped from over 90 degrees to just over 40, and the noise stopped, however on processes it is using 80 (a few less than what it was before, so something stopped), and the highest memory using processes like my anti-virus program is still the I'm not sure what that thing is? PLEASE HELP, this happens 90% of the time it is so annoying and stressful because of the noise.

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    That doesn't make sense.

    No computer component I know of can drop temperature so quickly. Are you sure you are reading a temperature probe? That sounds more like an activity monitor. (It's also possible that whatever program you're using is not properly set up, and is incorrectly reading data. Also, Task Manager doesn't read temperature at all.)

    You probably should check for viruses. There is also a forum at that can help you figure out if there is an infection, and to help you remove it using free tools.

    There is also the possibility that your computer simply needs to be dusted with a can of compressed air.

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    I think you should reinstall the os.

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