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How to lose 5 lbs in a week! PLS HELP!?

i'd like to lose 5 pounds in a week... just from excercising, so i need excercises that tone your body.. pretty much around the thighs, and hips, and maybe the stomach... like at the front.. im fairly skinny around my stomach.. Please dont send me links to websites.. if anything, please summarize the website :p thanks

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    i'm a guy and 15 but ik alot about this kinda stuff

    to lose weight quickly, you need cardio, and a really low caloric intake

    for your thighs, just run alot

    its the best type of cardio

    if its hard for you, dont focus on running, think about something else while your running

    since your in a rush, at least 45-60 minutes a day

    for your hips, you should do side planks

    side planks:

    start by laying on one side

    then out your elbow on the floor with your arm extended and fist clenched(only part of your arm not on the floor should be everything above the elbow)

    your legs should be ontop of one another

    lift yourself up so your body is at a 45 degree angle

    contract your abs and keep yourself as still as possible

    hold for as long as you can and then switch sides

    if you need to know about anything else just ask

    i'll add you as a contact in case you have any more questions about this kinda stuff


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    Dance around your room and eat while standing on your head, mmmm well that would do the trick for ya!

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