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Budget, Canadian Indian Affairs?

Here is the budget of the federal government for taxpayer’s money allocated to Indian and Native affairs

Financial resources 2009-10 $ 7.33 Billion, Human Resources (FTEs) 2009-10 $ 4.81 Billion

These two items are in addition to any provincial monies that have been allocated. This does not include so called “loss revenue” from income taxes or casino taxes that are not collected etc.

That is a lot of tax dollars. Are we getting our monies worth on these programs? What would you change?


I am not saying how this money is spent or who it if given to. I also realize that there are other sources of funding that is given out, money in trust as an example. What I am claiming, if you look at the link is that Indian and Native affairs is a government body and it financed by the federal budget. This money could go to politicians, fancy offices and meaningless studies for all I know. But we do know it tax dollars spent.

Update 2:

Here is a excerpt from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat report for a few more details

"As one of 34 federal departments and agencies involved in Aboriginal and northern programming, INAC is challenged to meet the needs of its client base without working at cross purposes with other players. This is also true within INAC, as the department responds to a range of needs in a variety of regional contexts.

Canada’s Aboriginal and northern communities, as well as Canadian taxpayers, must get the full benefit of investments."

INAC funds are in addition the amounts listed above. Also keep in mind that the INAC is only 1 out of 34 federal departments spending money. It is true that a lot of the money is non public funds and also true that 12+ Billion is tax money.

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    exactly where does it say that is canadian tax money? it doesn't because its NOT tax money. funny how they lead you to believe it is as most canadians swear they are paying natives but the opposite is actually the truth.

    INAC dispenses indian Moneys not tax dollars. Indian Moneys means all moneys collected, received or held by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians and/or bands. There are two types of Indian moneys: capital and revenue.

    Capital moneys are Indian moneys derived from the sale of surrendered lands (from an interest in land), or from the sale of the non-renewable resources of a band. These moneys include oil and gas royalties, bonus payments and other proceeds from the sale of timber, oil and gas or gravel.

    Revenue moneys are all Indian moneys other than capital moneys. Revenue moneys may include, but are not limited to, proceeds from: the sale of renewable resources, rights-of-way, fines and interest earned on capital, and revenue moneys held in the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF).

    although the crown has been collecting these monies for hundreds of years, its only since the 1960s that there have been any programs for first nations people. where is all that money? what is given out is split over 5 years which means $400 a year for programs per each indigenous person. that is supposed to cover housing, education, and health care. that's not even counting the slice INAC themselves takes to administer the money. exactly how far do you think that money goes?

    as for casinos? your government is again getting more than its share. why aren't they using it for you?

    It is no secret that Canada’s First Nation casinos generate millions of dollars in revenue each year. For the most part, this revenue is divided between the province in which the casino resides, the various First Nations that have an ownership stake in the property, and the commercial entity that operates the gaming facility. Like any business, how these various partners decide to allocate their portion of the earnings is largely up to them. How the First Nations use the money is evident, however: casino proceeds are earmarked to programs and services aimed at improving tribal life throughout Canada.

    canadians need to stop believing the lie meant to continue hatred of native people and use the computers they have to educate themselves on what your government is really doing with your tax dollars. its certainly not coming to first nations people.

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    Indian Affairs Canada

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    Why are you concerned about getting your monies worth on these programs? They have nothing to do with you.

    The department is "Indian" and "Northern" Affairs.

    Who really needs to be concerned?

    = In the North =

    1. Northern non-Aboriginal Canadians (taxpayers)

    2. Northern Aboriginals - Inuit (taxpayers)

    = Across Canada =

    3. Metis (taxpayers)

    4. Non-Status/Urban Indians (taxpayers)

    5. Status/Treaty Indians

    . . . Many are also taxpayers

    . . . Indians - who's money is held in trust by Canada


    Indian Moneys means all moneys collected, received or held by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians and/or bands. There are two types of Indian moneys: capital and revenue.


    In some cases, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) has specific responsibilities for managing moneys that belong to First Nations bands. These moneys are generated through band-owned resources such as oil and gas.



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    Americans have this stereotype of Canadians as hippie tolerant kind of people.

    Course, with what you guys post against First Nations all the time on this site I guess you people are just as bigoted as anyone else.

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    I would stop all handouts to them. The old day's are long past, the buffalo aren't coming back.

    Time to assimilate, get a job, and start paying into the system like everyone else.

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    Can anyone tell what is the correct answer for this question?

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