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And the Gulf of Mexico disaster .... have the offending corporations and politicians put it all right yet?

Trans Ocean Haliburton Obama and Bush jr plus I am sure a lot more and of course BP

Have they put it right yet -- Have they cut the cheque for someone else to put it right

Are they paying out reparations to the dammages they caused in a timely fashion and to all the victims in an orderly fashion

Have they disclosed the full impacts of their actions or lack thereof ?



They could have taken the average or even the slightly less than average precautions in the Gulf of Mexico while drilling but that does not suit the plan of draining the resources of other nations while maintaining what they want to make the last oil deposits on the planet

So they took no precautions and huge risks until the predicatable happened -- Now their plan is better off than it was before

Buy their oil until they have none and then jack the price and hold anyone hostage who wants it via the dollar

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    Nothing has been 'put it right!'. But the commercials are really savvy, they have a black woman saying she "understands" the impact , that she lives in the area, blah, blah , the reality is another story! the oil spill by British Petroleum has caused a major ecological disaster in the area and under the sea is expanding outwards, it will eventually encompassed the whole planet! I would not be surprised if the babies are born in oil! If it is in the drinking water, we drink it , it goes onto the placenta! I tell you the BP should not be allowed [ or any other oil company] to dig any where in the new world! Wh6y not send them to dig in their own countries eh? And the big cover -up, when the tar balls came around Pensacola , the media stated it was 'not from the oil spill', Then from where ? I ca not comprehend the closed eyed situation of politicians, clergy, people and the governments . Again , all goes around in a circle, this will bite us big time! Good question.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Pres. Bush, Halliburton have nothing to do with it.

    The event would not have happened if the gov't simply had drilled in Alaska. There is a crap load of oil there but the whiners say NO.

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  • 10 years ago

    Bo and his ideas of going green cut drilling everywhere and has Gas prices up over $3.25 q gallon and rising.All he would have to do is open drilling and the bottom would fall out of gas prices.

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  • Jamie
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    10 years ago

    they are continuing to make it right

    but i must say obama is doing this country an injustice by not letting oil companies drill for more oil


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