MoMMS and MoWAP access point for cell phones?

what are they and whats the difference?

any one know how to boost signal for mobilicity?

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  • 9 years ago
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    These are the access points which are used by various applications that you use on the phone.

    MoMMS- if u send an MMS to someone, it needs to connect to the server of your service provider via internet, becoz it contains larger data that cannot be carried via normal signals like sms. So this access point is specifically dedicated to send AND receive MMS from and to your mobile fone.

    MoWAP- this is the access point that your fone's Internet Browser uses to connect to internet for web browsing, emails and all. Many other apps on your, that need to connect to the internet use this access point.

    Now boosting signal strength does not depend on your phone entirely. It also depends on your network provider. If it has well established infrastructure, u will receive gud signal strength. In any case, there's nothing that YOU can do with your phone to boost signal. If you are having bad reception, you better make a complaint to your network provider. Hope this info helps.

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