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What If We Could See The Entire Electromagnetic Spectrum With Our Eyes?

In that case could we see more colors other than the colors we can perceive.

What would those colors look like? Can we imagine those colors without actually being able to observe them?

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    "could we see more colors?"

    Not necessarily. We see the colors that we see because our eyes have three different kinds of cone cells. All of the colors that you can perceive are due to different relative levels of stimulation of those three different kinds of cell.

    We would (presumeably) be able to perceive more different colors if we had more different kinds of receptor in our eyes.

    "What would those colors look like?"

    What can I say? If you could see colors that are different from any color that you have ever seen, then... They would be different from any color you have ever seen.

    "Can we imagine those colors without actually being able to observe them?"

    That probably is something that each of us has to do on his own. Even supposing that I could imagine them, how could I ever describe them to you? Imagine yourself trying to explain the difference between blue and green to somebody who has been blind since birth. Some people might try saying something like "blue is cool, green is living;" but those are just associations that we have with those colors. We say it only because we know of blue _things_ that are cool, and we know of green _things_ that are alive. Blue isn't really cool. Green isn't really alive. In fact, a blue laser could set your clothes on fire, and a sufficiently powerful green laser could be used to kill living things.

    I personally doubt that I will ever be able to imagine a color that I have never seen. Maybe you are different.

    Good luck.

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    Entire Electromagnetic Spectrum

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    My guess is that everything would be just a blinding mass of light (I mean all the spectrum here, not just visible light as we know it).

    Most objects give off a faint microwave glimmer at room temperature, the sky emits microwave radiation, visible light, radio waves, gamma radiation, infra-red and ultra-violet all come in from the sun, the night sky is completely covered by an almost constant microwave background radiation originating from the big bang, and of course as people have already said there's an enormous number of radio transmitters covering the entire globe. We would never be able to find a dark spot again !

    Interestingly, as someone has already said, if we could see the entire spectrum and some of it was no use to us, presumeably nature would filter the ability out over time. Maybe that has happened already and we're just left with the useful bits, i.e. the visible bits.

    It would be useful to be able to see the entire spectrum selectively, i.e. a bit at a time, but I would imagine the world would look totally alien to us in for example, ultra-violet or gamma ray frequencies.

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