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Why would he do THIS after 5 yrs.........*brace yourselves, this is kinda long..but I want your views! Thanks!?

I met this guy (through mutual friends) in school about 5 yrs ago. We started talking and he started to pursue. I was not really looking for anything but eventually I started to like him alot and fall for him...mainly because of how dedicated to his family he was and how he used to care for his blind mother..........BUT then when I started to catch feelings for him he started acting distant and he didn't want to be bothered. I was so confused.....he would call sometimes and then promise to call back but never did...other times he would call once and then I wouldn't hear anything from him for months.

On the last day I saw him at school; I heard him talking to his friends about how his ex just called his phone. He also went on to talk about how he was gonna have sex with her when he got back home.

He didn't realize I heard what he I asked him "so what you gonna do when you get back home?" he just said "nothing, just work"..............After school was over he moved back to his home state (one state away) and we continued to talk over the phone (I know, dumb move on my part).... He would ask "Are you seeing anybody?..or say " I'm not over you, I miss you, I really liked and respected you......I wanted to kiss you everytime I saw you but I didnt want you or me to get attached because I knew I was leaving"..................THEN I wouldn't hear from him for about 3 months at a time......he would ask me similar questions..."are you single" "are you still a virgin" (he knew I was waiting until marriage)....and he would make comments like "one day we're gonna get married, just watch"

We made plans for him to come visit but then he canceled the night before because apparently "he didnt have any money left because he went out with his friends the previous day"....KNOWING that we had already made plans to hang out.......the same thing continued for a while. One summer he called me over and over for like a week and then I didnt hear anything from him until the ending of the year. I was so annoyed and mentally/emotionally exhausted and confused. ..........THE LAST STRAW----After not speaking to him for a few months; I logged onto Facebook and saw a status that he left saying "Missing her, you know who you are, MWAH!"...I assumed he was talking about me because he used to say the exact same thing to me and leave statuses about me. But then the next day it said he was "in a relationship" and he posted a bunch of pictures of him and his girlfriend. he also proceeded to post lovey dovey stats about how much she meant to him and that she is his "sunshine"...........I was confused and hurt by it so I just deleted everything he ever sent me and erased his number from my phone.

Now after 5yrs of not seeing him and 3 yrs of not speaking....I get this random "friend request" from him. (he is still with that girl by the way).....I did NOT accept the request. My friend showed me a comment he left on someone's status. the status said "once you find someone new; dont look back at the last person because then you'll get caught up and start wondering what could have been or what you should have done".............His comment said "Man, i'm in the same boat now...couldn't have said it better myself"..then he deleted his comment shortly after. ....A week ago, his current girlfriend broke up with him. He now sent a friend request to his ex (the one who he was talking about having sex with)

What was the point of trying to "befriend" me and your exes on FB?


@Ava- thanks girl!:)

Update 2:

@onlooker- thanks! ur right xo

Update 3:

@kenny-im glad you dropped him as a friend..he sounds like a real joke

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    He's a cheater and a compulsive liar. I have a friend that is the definition of this.

    I'd be at his house and one of his girlfriends (yes he has full-blown relationships with all of them) would call and he's put on a tired voice and say "hey, im just waking up, I'll call you back later", then we'd continue playing xbox. Or he would talk about his "exes" in front of the other girls even though he was with them just hours before. He's a scumbag though, I don't talk to him anymore

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    This guy has severe assholiosis. He also sounds really fake. The thing that's disturbing about encountering people like this is that the communication is one sided, essentially, it's "all about them". Your feelings don't matter so the communication is just weird and disturbing. Now, western civilization calls this behavior "narcissistic personality disorder"- but it's actually just assholiosis. Anyway, enjoy being free from this total weirdo.

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    He sounds immature, and you're right to move on. He's acting on impulses and by doing that he's being mean to you and his new girlfriend. He sounds immature and selfish.

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