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I keep feeling like I`m about to throw up but I don`t?

It`s weird, it has been happening since yesterday and after it feels like I`m swallowing it down. It is SO annoying I`ve tryed to just get it over with so it doesn`t keep bugging me but even when I try not to swallow it feels like that anyway. It just happened again! I`ve had a really bad throat ach which I have had for a few days now but it isn`t that big of a deal since at one point last year my throat kept hurting, long story short I figured it was just happening again. But after that throwing up feeling I don`t know. I don`t have any other symptoms that may clue to what has been going on. Thanks sorry it was so long!

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    You probably just have indugestion. Take some tums or pepto.

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