If, to adapt the John Miles Track, "Rock Music is your first love", what other Art form is your second?

I have noticed that many of my Contacts seem equally as knowledgeable in other areas of the "Arts" such as Films and Literature, as well as other Music "genres" like Blues and Jazz. Please do not go down the "genre" route of Rock, but what other types of the "Arts" really appeal to you, and, if you can, explain why?

Thanks in hope.


@Mike- Golding is my favourite Author. Try "The Inheritors"- his finest work, and possibly the best Novel ever. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inheritors_%28Wil...

Update 2:

This has to be one of the most enjoyable Questions I have ever asked, and the quality of Answers has been breath taking. There have been a few Art Forms mentioned that I am not that keen on, but the way you have described your passions for them has brought them to life for me.

I was very close to going to vote for fear of upsetting all but one of you by picking a BA, but 99.9% of the time that is not a course of action I like. So, I am going to choose one based upon what can best be described as a "gut instinct", and I hope the rest of you will not judge me badly for that choice. You really are all very nice people. So, I will say cheers, and place my customary kisses here, though in far greater numbers :)


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    I'm also a huge fan of jazz, blues, classical...pretty much all forms of music, with a couple exceptions; Modern Country, and Gangsta Rap. Also a bookworm, movie fanatic, and self proclaimed art critic :)

    My better half, R&P reg Greeneyes, is an artist/painter extraordinaire, and very knowledgeable on the subject. Her Mother is also an accomplished opera singer, and between raising her family, managed to established herself amongst some pretty big names in Europe during the 60's/70's. At nearly 80 years old, she is still teaching vocal study at a well known music conservatory in Mexico. Between the two them I've learned an awful lot, and they've really helped expand my tastes and interests over the last couple years :)

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  • Books, books, and more books!

    I tend to favour fiction, from a mix of 'classic' and modern authors, and including a few 'young adult' novels {Tamora Pierce is an excellent writer}, but also have a non-fiction selection, particularly 20th century War History {"Forgotten Voices of..." series}, art and wolves.

    Illustration / Drawing / Art

    Once upon a time I was a confident drawer myself, but these days I mostly appreciate other people's work. I'm very fond of Art Nouveau era pieces, works by various illustrators, and some random pictures. My own art is often inspired by the music I listen to, usually because of images called to mind by lyrics.

    * Does 'Ice Dance' count as dancing, or sport?

    It's a part of Figure Skating, and the two together can have me glued to the TV at the beauty and creativity of performances.

    Other than that, I enjoy a good film as much as the next person {Ealing Comedies / Boulting Brothers / 1960s/70s Horror being my favourites}; I write - mostly poetry, but I'm working on some fiction.

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  • 9 years ago

    My first love is Blues-rock music but my second is watching Dance, any type. My daughter has danced for over 25 years so I've been to hundreds of practices, recitals, etc. so I've developed a love of that art form. She also majored in dance in College and is now a dance teacher.

    After Dance it's reading, mostly horror and science fiction but I also love music related biographies. I just love to read.

    My next love is Optical Art. I could spend hours just looking at those amazing illusions and trying to figure out how they were drawn.

    Do video games count as art because I love those too, lol.

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  • 9 years ago

    Music as in the blues is my first love when it comes to music, "even over the Stones".

    I love movies, never talk about them all that much, and I do have well over a thousand movies. I love war, western, horror, and anything to do with real life events.

    Reading was always my favorite past time at one time. But for some reason over the last few years I've lost some of the desire to read.

    I loved to read books on the occult, Bio's, astral travel, War, history, just about anything. My favorite book, was Red Badge of Courage growing up that is, I also loved Mark Twain, Steven King, Poe, and so on.



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  • Literature and it isn't far behind music. I like the classics of course and some of the new stuff as well. Faulkner is one of my favorites but the best series ever written was Lord of the Rings. Speaking of Lords - Lord of the Flies by William Golding is awesome if you haven't read it. I also love Poe and Dickens. I love all forms of music except corporate pop, Rap and Hip Hop. Blues is probably my second favorite to Rock but I love Folk, Country, Jazz, Classical, etc. etc. I also like paintings but not much on the impressionists and cubists, etc. I have been taking ball room dancing with my wife lately and I am really enjoying that as well. Lastly I like Plays and musicals but when it comes to acting I prefer movies. I am not a movie fanatic like some here but I do enjoy them once in a while.

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  • 9 years ago


    Not only does it compliment my first love, that rock and roll music, as a form of self expression, it's truly something I love in a more conventional form like the ballet, too.

    Also a huge fan of museums ~ anywhere, anytime, and for any theme, topic, or genre... From old homes or schools to modern art museums, I'm there. Quilt shows, too. I enjoy embroidery, quilting, crafts. Even darning my favorite rag cotton socks, using different colors of thread. Artistic expression~ Yay!

    Source(s): Former season ticket holder to the SF Ballet.
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    9 years ago

    Writing. More specifically, playwriting and screenwriting (@ capn f - haven't forgotten but not at home most Thursday nights. Kick me if I don't send it tomorrow). I have several WGA-registered screenplays; I have had two stageplays produced. I also like writing fiction, dystopian scifi in particular.

    I hold a master's degree in literature (as well as a juris doctorate) and currently teach literature, composition, and law at a small New York college.

    I love films of all sorts, and stageplays of all sorts. I like art as well (tastes include but aren't limited to Sol Lewitt, Marsden Hartley, Bruce Naumann, and the local boy, Frederic Edwin Church [Olana is the most beautiful private house I have ever seen; I seriously love that place]) but have no talent in it besides to critique it.

    I love reading about anything, both fictional and nonfictional. I'm currently reading a philosophy book about people's views on technology - how historically technologies from alchemy onwards have been tied with the popular concept of 'magic,' and why that's dangerous. Fave nonfiction writers include Annie Dillard, Carl Sagan, Loren Eiseley, Lewis Thomas, and Joan Didion.

    I like dance and opera, and live less than an hour from Glimmerglass Opera House.

    I am fortunate to live only a few hours from NYC and am exposed to great works of art at my leisure, which is extraordinarily lucky.

    I can knit and crochet. (Anyone interested in having something made? Drop me a line and I'll quote you a reasonable price.) I am a budding chef - currently at the point of successfully making bread and pasta from scratch.

    Source(s): (In short, I'll try anything if it interests me, but writing is my first love. I didn't mention other genres of music in my response, but I am as genre-blind as I am able to be. Classical, jazz, rap/hip-hop, country -- as long as it is good, then it's something in which I'm interested.)
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  • Literature, hon. Books are my life.

    All types, fiction, non fiction, all genres. I'm really a literature snob and am picky about what I read. There's far too much crap out there! I also get upset with anachronisms, historical inaccuracies, spelling and grammar errors. I usually have several books going at a time, right now I'm reading City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin, Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut and a short story collection by Ruth Rendell. If I lived alone I wouldn't own a television. And my electric bill would be cut in half! Or maybe three quarters!


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    9 years ago

    I'm not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but I really like playing music. Writing it also. Not necessarily even rock music, just sitting at the piano and playing whatever comes to mind. I won't always even remember how it to play it again but just something that fits the mood and just works. You know what I mean?

    I'm also a big fan of the visual arts. Oil paintings mostly, but I do like most forms of drawing and painting.

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  • Jazz, no competition.

    Although I'll be the first to admit when jazz and rock collided it was out of this world, it's funny how stale the idea got...Miles kept it goin' good, especially when he threw some funk into the equation, but as soon as the Weather Reports and Return to Forevers started to abandon their experimental origins in favor of a more commercially-minded pop-jazz sound, I kinda lost hope for the genre. In retrospect, of course...sort of. I never actually experienced any of this happening, but ANYWAY....

    Jazz always appealed to me...sometimes long-winded (in a good way), plenty complicated, tons of soloing. It was prog rock with horns, or so I initially thought.

    That was a pretty big miscalculation, though, I'd think...crazy how this time last year, I'd be singing the holy praises of Yes and Genesis while keeping Miles and Trane in mind as influences on those particular artists. I clearly didn't understand the CREATIVE MAGNITUDE and ARTISTIC SUPREMACY (pretentious words in all caps) of these artists yet. It still -appealed- to me, it just took me a little while to make the switch from Romantic-replica synths and guitars to ad libbed pianoisms and upright bass thumps. And whatnot.

    But verbose recollections aside, jazz blows mah mind. It fits more situations than you can possibly imagine...trust me. When my grandmother died, it was A Love Supreme 24/7. Or last summer when a friend of mine and I listened to In a Silent Way, preceding very, very momentous events (not sex...we just kinda snuck out around 1 AM and hung out downtown for a few hours. Kicked ***), sitting in my room, chatting, letting the trances PERMEATE the atmosphere. Ah, nostalgia....

    So yeah. There you go. Sorry for writing so much...I just...I JUST LOVE JAZZ.

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