Can you name a song with a President?

Hey now good people. Knowing how much Neil Young just "loved" tricky Dicky Nixon, can you name a song with a president or even a presidential candidate's name in it?

The Campaigner

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"even Richard Nixon has got soul...."


Please give examples: links, lyrics or better yet...both! Thanks all.

Update 2:

MrStar: nice! You're so bad*ss!

W&S: nice to see ya. Thanks for the link. I'm diggin it.

AtS: thanks for "editing" my question. Great song!

Trixie: as always, love your choices. Man, Dicky Nixon was just everywhere wasn't he?

Update 3:

Bryce: excellent song ;)

Update 4:

Lucy Blue: nice. I was considering that song myself but went with the softer side of Neil. Been singing your choice most of the morning ;)

Update 5:

kls81: nice list. Don't worry about "thinking outside the box" w/examples. I like that ;)

Mike H: hey, hon. LOVE that Dion song!

Kym: was waitin for someone to name that Ramones tune. Nice work!

B.F.: hey, doll. I love that cd from Neil. Yup, "loves" Bush as much as Nixon :) Even made the reference to him on "Rockin In the Free World"..."we got a 1,000 points of light, for the homeless man". And yes, Neil can be hard on selection when it come to YouTube.

Update 6:

PeePaw: thanks for answering. Good list.

Update 7:

Mixer 2: love that you added Mr. Cash to this list. Thanks.

Cheetah: nice list as usual. Loved the link to the Costello song. My thanks, girl.

((((Kelly)))) was waitin for you doll. Knew this would be right up your alley. I'm not an overly big fan of GnR but really dig this song. Love the beginning lines from Cool Hand Luke in it as well. Thanks hon.

Colin: nice choice. I forget that Billy song. Thanks to you.

Update 8:

@peace: don't apologize for filling me on how this song came about. You're right, the Ramones rock! Saw them twice in my life and loved every moment of it :)

Update 9:

mark j: nice. Adam & the Ants...god, haven't heard anyone on Y!A mention them. He was so rad back in the day.

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