free online browser rpg?

I am looking for a free , no download required browser rpg. for example , Runescape is a no download rpg that you play in your browse window. I have played Runescape but have gotten bored of it as of late and am looking for something that I can play at school so there cant be a download. before you say "don't play games at school, I currently have a spare in which to play games so I am not using my time unwisely. anyways, any links to free online no download rpg would be greatly appriciate it.


no, did you not read what I was saying? I said I am not going to play runescape so please reccomend something different

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, if you like city-building games there's Ikariam, Grepolis, Ceasary and so on. got some fun games too that you can play online. Well, Depends on what games you want to play, but i don't know many browser RPGs but runescape...

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  • Tommy
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    10 years ago is a free shooter/rpg, sort of like Resident Evil, its pretty good if you don't mind zombies and gore

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

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