World of Warcraft switching classes/races? What class is easy to lv up?

My current characters are a level 60 night elf hunter and a level 74 night elf death knight. I haven't played for quite awhile (on the verge of 4 months) and am thinking of getting cataclysm soon, I want to have a worgen druid and a worgen rogue. I would appreciate advice on which toon should change to a druid, and which a rogue. Which class is easier to level up? I'd like to have a high level rogue, but at the same time I really want a high level druid. Any advice on that? Thanks.

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    10 years ago
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    just so you know druids have been nerfed. worgen is is fun but not worth coming back for i dont think. The talent trees have changed a lot. Combat for pve and *** for pvp.

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    Source(s): 85 mage 80 war 75 dk 72 dk 66 pally 55 rogue 46 rogue 33 pally 22 hunter
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