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If the Americans were in fact living in hell would they know it and would they kill the messenger as unpatriot?

Anyone can be President huh

Oh yes and the election is going to be between the guy who busses dishes at Denny's and Donald Trump is it?

The paper boy saved his pennies and bought himself a media conglomerate eh ?

1 in 5 or 20 % of children in the US need the government to help feed them and a lot of people think they should be cut off and their parents made to work harder ignoring the fact that a lot of people on those US food stamps do have a job and the sh--t money they make at the worst of jobs lands them in a government office making JP Morgan a rich man by being middle person in the transaction

20 %

Unemployment -- 9 % U 1 -- the media quoted figure -- u 6 16 % the unquoted figure on the same table

People trained to cheer and justify and blame the victim when a cop electrocutes someone on the street whether they die or not Media that sets up complicated stories of hate crime murder and why the cop has to slap people around every episode if the puppy is to be saved and America kept safe

Pat downs -- just a quick rimming of your undies sponsored by privately owned government regulated TSA employees who also make crap money but have a lot of power ---- keeping America safe one bra inspection at a time --

Generation after generation pushed talked into or otherwise convinced to go kill people they have never met in a land they had until just last week couldn't spell or find on a map -- Vietnam N Korea Chad Lybia Panama Chile Iraq and others -- Each time corporate arms dealers get a little richer and only a few people get their legs blown off or killed and complaining about it means you hate the soldiers because you don't want them getting killed over nothing or stupid causes -- So each time generation after generation they come up with a new message of why sell it to the stupid make the crowds cheer and death and destruction soon follows with an even bigger tax burden later

100,000 homeless vets and countless thrown out of their homes as governments act to bail out bankers and insurance underwriters -- Manufacturing has been largely off shored as supply lines of food and other staples are needed from overseas because a rich middle man can insert himself into that and make desperation into profit by creating demand by withholding substances at will

Levels and levels of debt -- people who have to torture some guy in a black operation camps another who has his hands down your pants and an enterely different level who says "see something say something" because the guy next to you might be the one who is going to kill us all and his parking infraction is suspicious to us

Fluoride in water and the acceptable amount of piosons in products along with obesity that impacts the entire western world pshicatrc drugs illegal drugs pimps on a street level and on a national level who live quite well off the labours of others

Now if you were going to describe a hell on earth -- the above matches it in my opinion

Oh yeah -- well we could send you to an even worse layer of hell that this one --- is no more than confirmation the planet is just one big levels of hell ruled by a handful and your argument is not an argument at all

So if someone was to tell the Americans -- The we are number ONE crowd who say FREE and BRAVE a lot that what they are is a level of hell and no more would they believe it ?

Or would they brand the messenger as unpatriotic and hating America -- simply because someone took the time to tell the poor oppressed slaves of corporations owned by governments that someone turned the nation you live in into a hell you made one brick at a time -- and they did this over years and years and those forces of hell have always been here and have been increasing to the point where they own and run most of the planet save a few isolated tribes in some jungle somewhere who to a corpratist are just waiting to be discovered enslaved and profited from


Yes Bethy

Those other people are in a much meaner harder level of hell than you are Feel better now ? They are owned by people who almost starve them to death where your owned by people who are nicer to you for now at least most of the time and if you keep quiet they might not pick on you in the future -- Feel better now ? Yes yes your corporation government owner lets you live indoors with all sorts of toys for you -- Feel better ?

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    And yet EVERYTHING you call hell is 100x better then most of the World

    The money given to people by the federal government in foodstamps is more then most people in East Timor will see in a year

    Only 14% of people in Niger can read

    You call this hell cause you think it would be better without things

    But it could be a great deal worse

    Just look around the world

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  • 9 years ago

    People become inured to their environment and would not necessarily like for people to point that out, that is true. The beauty pageant which is the presidential race moves the ball a few steps to the left and then a few steps to the right depending on who wins and doesn't always address the big problems we face. That is true also. People are slow to catch on to the freedom we lose when politicians try to scare the public. Again that is true. I find it refreshing to listen to the unvarnished opinions of people not particularly partisan. In a world of 7 billion people in spite of our many problems, we in the U.S. still have an enviable lifestyle. I rather enjoy work maybe that is my problem.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That is too long of a pointless rant for me to read.

    Why don't you worry about your own country for a change.

    Source(s): If America is hell, then God bless hell! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!
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  • 9 years ago

    What's your problem?

    What's your question?

    Hell? Not really?

    Source(s): If you think it's so bad than come down here and look around. Guess what? It isn't hell! WHAT A SHOCKER O.O 0
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