Was I legally towed? Can I get my money back?

I was riding all day and camped out at my regular spot on a dirt bike field.

my car was on private property and was parked in a secluded area for less than 10 hours.

I walk back to find my car gone from where I parked it, when I found the car at a local towing company I asked who called to get it towed and of course it was a cop.

I had to pay $105.00 and maxed out my card.


Ive tried to call the police department and still no answer, I leave a message every time and no reply.

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  • Boots
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    10 years ago
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    You were parked on private property.

    Unless you had the property owners permission to park there - then the property owner had the right to have your car towed.

    Sounds like you were legally towed. You'll have to pay to get it out. There is nothing the police can do for you.

    A word of warning - don't let the car sit too long at the tow yard. The tow company will charge storage fees for every day it sits there. In my area that's about $30 a day. So, along with the tow bill you will have to pay storage.

  • vdpphd
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    10 years ago

    Parking in a secluded area on private property requires the permission of the landowner. Towing a car parked illegally on private property requires the permission of the landowner. If the owner either called the police or has a regular "Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted" arrangement with the local cops, you are SOL - the tow was legal and the towing company can charge you for it. You are not being charged with a parking violation - you can only violate parking laws when parked on public land. If you did not have permission from the property owner to park where you did, you and your car were trespassing.

    If you can prove that you were parked with permission of the landowner, and the towing company did not get landowner permission to remove the car, you have a tort - your car was illegally towed, and you were billed for the charges. You can sue the towing company for moving the car without proper authority, and you can sue the police department for exceeding its authority by having your car towed despite permission to park there. You cannot, in any case, ever sue a cop personally over how he did his job.

    If you sue the police department and win, the local government will write you a check. If you sue the towing company and win, you get to try to collect the judgment yourself. If you did not have landowner permission to park there, you have no grounds to sue.

  • 10 years ago

    If you were parked illegally on secluded public property, you would have just gotten a ticket. Since you were on private property, you were unable to be issued a ticket, and instead you were towed, likely at the owners request.

    If you had consent to park there, then the owner reneged on it. This is legal. If you didn't have consent, well, he had every right to have you towed.

    If you did have his consent/permission to park there for that duration of time and he had you towed, you could try to take him to civil court over the fees for the towing, though you would have to prove you had permission in the first place. This doesn't seem to be the case with you though.

    Move on, pay off your credit card, park legally in the future or get consent if on private property.

  • Since we don't know on what grounds your car was towed, how can we answer? I will say that it's very unlikely the officer called for the tow without justification.

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  • 10 years ago

    Unless u had the property owners permission then u were towed legally.

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