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oppenheimer was smart enough to build an atomic bomb why not computer?

since oppenheiner and others were smartt enough to drop bombs oon nagasaki and hiroshima and one of the physicists who built it expresses in awe that the they had become death shiva the destroyer of worlds did they not create a computer program for u.s. bill of rights instead?

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    History lesson

    the Manhattan project was Headed by Oppenheimer

    the scientists were French German Russian polish Hungarian and any other country Scientists that escaped from Europe before WW2

    the Raw materials were Developed in Canada

    and in 1944 Oppenheimer said we will NOT finish the Device until 1947/48

    the British sent 30 of the worlds leading scientists to Los Alamos in 1944 to finish the project after several Success's FDR and Churchill decided to end the war with Japan by using at least 2 devices with a possible 7 more by december 1945

    and after FDR died Truman found out about these Devices and agreed with FDR and Churchill

    that si why on the First Aircraft there was an RAF Sqn Ldr as an Observer for the British

    in 1945 there was a meeting in Canada were Canada handed over everything to the British and renounced any further association with nuclear weapons

    the USA agreed Not to share the Technology but there were two russian spy's in the US camp and the USA withdrew its sharing with the UK so in 1946 the UK built their own Bomb this Made the UK and the USA the Only Nuclear powers until 1952 when the Russians detonated their first device

    The Manhattan Project, which began as a small research program that year, eventually employed more than 130,000 people at a cost of nearly US $2 billion. Research and production took place at more than 30 sites, some secret, including universities across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The three primary research and production sites of the project were the plutonium-production facility at the Hanford Site in eastern Washington state, the uranium enrichment facilities at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the weapons research and design laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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    A) "Oppenheimer and others" did not drop bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the U.S. Army Air Force did that with the approval of the President of the United States and his Chiefs of Staff. In August 1945 Oppenheimer declared that his only regret was not making the bomb in time to use it against Nazi Germany. Some of the Manhattan Project scientists were against its and many later regretted it. It appears you are not aware of this: http://www.atomicheritage.org/index.php?option=com...

    B) The Manhattan Project scientists were not being paid to develop a computer-like device. There was another group of scientists that WERE paid to develop a large-scale general-purpose electronic computer called the ENIAC. Read here: http://ftp.arl.army.mil/~mike/comphist/eniac-story...

    C) Could Oppenheimer and company have built the first computer? Possibly but not likely because they were not electrical engineers.

    D) What does the U.S. Bill of Rights have to do with it?

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    It is like asking why that plumber who is so skilled does not make a Beautiful rocking chair.

    You took too many things for granted and you need to know how a computer that you take for granted now has evolved.

    Remember that in WW II (1939-1945 and don't mistake it to be the lifetime of Jesus Christ) there was no word like 'Computer' in the contemporary sense. There were no grounds for that concept even. Things such as these won't blossom overnight. In 1945 the concept even of a computing machine was a mechanical accounting/adding machine (mechanical calculator). 'Turing' was doing esoteric work in Cryptology (full of computing) and was considered father of 'Computing'. First thing for a computer, without which you wouldn't know what is a computer is the 'Electronics'. Those days the electronic circuitry involved the use of 'vacuum tube' or 'electronic valve'.These are bulky and needed very high voltages (300V dc). A few rudimentary calculating machines were made that were too bulky (I made a 'decade counter' with tubes).

    Then there was a revolution in 'Electronic Engineering', 'digital circuits' was the latest field of study. Now it is a branch of Electronic Engineering. So digital circuitry evolved - 'shift registers', using them the 'memory', 'ALU' (arithmetic & logic unit). The basic electronic unit (people might have forgotten of it) is the 'bistable multivibrator' called a 'flip flop' that is a memory to store one bit of memory (1 or 0). Then 8 of these are ganged up to a 'shift register', that has an 8 bit word.

    Solid state devices called 'transistors' based on Germanium and later on Silicon were used instead of tubes (valves). It brought down the sizes enormously (a million fold or more now). Moore's law states that the computing capacity gets doubled every 18 months; that implies it becomes 4 fold in 3 years 8 fold in 6 years, 16 fold in 12 years and so on.

    Simultaneously, the programming(computer is a machine that executes instructions in asequence of the programme that it stores in it). It needs to be told what to do in a set of instructions. It works in a mode called 'machine language' -- fetch that introduction from register A, add (ALU) to contents in register B and so on. This routine instruction set is coded and put in memory, accessed through simple English language commands (this is done by the computer by a compiler or assembler). It went on for higher and higher language instruction sets and higher level presentations like 'windows' of Microsoft. it became a profession in is own right. Einstein doesn't understand an iota of it (I am not joking, but serious). And you are expecting Oppenheimer to do all that as COMPUTER ENGINEER. It is not 'smartness' (perhaps you are smarter) but professional upbringing and 12hours a day of labour stretching over years. In the development of the Bomb then, NO COMPUTER WAS USED, as is being done now in routine nuclear test explosions.

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    The computer was built in Great Britain in 1942 to help break the German codes and access their orders of battle.

    The first atomic weapon was an engineering problem.The math was already solved.

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    All of the people are mostly correct but I have to make one correction. The material for the bomb came from Canada and the congo because canada did not have the nuclear material needed to make a bomb.

  • Smart enough to build a peanut butter bomb and I am dropping it on you!

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    where there is a need, there is a way. there wasn't a need, pal. by the way, i agree with the first answer: don't play the fool - job's already taken by others.

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    Don't play the fool

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    He was black listed as a communist supporter after his work.

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