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Is it good to have several Antivirus Programs?

I have Spybot Search and Destroy, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and Norton 360!

I have heard that norton 360 is not a good program. Some people say that Avg Free is better than norton!...

Another factor to keep in mind is that my computer is fast but it still takes a few minutes over the average time to boot!

People say Norton sucks so should I have/keep MalwareBytes and Spybot

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    NEVER run more than one active anti-spyware/virus, they conflict each seeing the other as a threat and block each other. Just 2 on a machine reduces security by up to 60%. Norton lately is useless, very slow on the machine and I am seeing a lot of Norton protected machines seriously infected. Spybot is seriously heavy handed even stopping installs, and crashing them part way. You would be far better with just avg free. Then keep an updated copy of malwarebytes free scanner to handle the download infections that must get past your active protection due to the nature of downloading.

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    Spybot and MalwareBytes are anti-spyware softwares, not anti-virus. A spyware and a virus are two very different things. A virus is able to spread itself with no interaction on a computer user's part. So they have to be protected against by a program that 24x7 - whenever the computer is on. While a spyware can only infect you if you decide to download something that has the spyware in it. So an anti-spyware only has to run during downloads.

    If you try to run two anti-virus programs like AVG and Norton, they will conflict with each other, slow the computer and cause all kinds of issues. But as Spybot and Maleware only run when you run them, they will not conflict and you can have both on a PC at the same time. In fact, as they each use a different of what is considered to be "spyware", one will often caught something that the other does not. It is recommanded that you run two (or more) spyware scanners and rotate which one you use each time you scan.

    Norton 360 includes BOTH an anti-virus and an anti-spyware program. Most of the big name scanners do. Because they perform several features (usually including a firewall and a site adviser also), they can slow a computer because they are doing the work of four or more programs. When you install such an all purpose program, you will notice the change all at once. This tends to give the program a bad reputation. Where people do notice the same slow down from running an anti-virus, an anti-spyware, a firewall and a site advisor when they install them all separately. Often the individual programs actually slow the PC more.

    Norton is actually one of the best scanners on the market. If you can afford it, keep it. But also do an occasional Spybot and MalwareByte scan as they do use a different list and may find things Norton does not.

    What virus scanner you use has nothing to do with how fast the PC boots. That is usually caused by "junk" from all the non-essential programs you have that are trying to load themselves into the background of your PC.

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    Keep what you have - you don't have two antivirus programs running....you're Norton is doing that job. Norton used to be bad but not any longer. Those other two you have should be run at least once a week. Your Norton is silently running/checking all the time, keeping your computer clean.

    BUT!---keep in mind that hackers can and probably will hit you and me and everbody else, with a virus or trojan to get past all our antivirus programs. And make sure you have a firewall! Get it free from http://pctools.com (click on that). So good t see that you know a lot about all this! hope this helps, Paul. oh!, btw, computer's always slow down a little after you leave the store and start working the internet. And AVG has it's problems too. They all do. Find a perfect one - and let me know. Ask about that at http://www.google.com .

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    Two or more anti-virus installed at the same time is not good at all...major conflicts can occur.

    But since Spybot Search and Destroy and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware are anti-spyware and anti-malware respectively, they should work fine with your "360".

    Norton has much higher detection rates than AVG.

    I would keep exactly what you have.

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    Ok whoa slow your roll, you have more anti-virus programs than Lindsay Lohan has crack.

    Destroy all things that have to do with Norton, or ever have a distant relationship with it. Remove it from your computer.

    I would keep Spybot, but for me that is a tad clunky...

    Out of my personal experience I have Avira its fast and you dont even know thats its running.

    Hope i helped!

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    Every security vendor detects only a percentage of actual malware out there. So, multiple vendors increases your chance of detection. However, they can conflict with one another, particularly if you're doing on-file scanning, etc.

    So, there is a trade-off.

    Note what I said: ALL vendors have blind spots. So that means I'm pretty vendor agnostic.

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    Spybot is good.For my personal recommendations.

  • 9 years ago

    NO use only one and i recommend Microsoft Security Essentials


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    no because its like having two hearts in one body.

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