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how to get a good workout routine to get back into shape?

hello, im tottaly lost! i just got a membership too a gym but know nothing about weights. they (the gym) gave me a standard workout routine. monday legs tuesday arms and abbs wendsday shoulders thursday back and friday chest. well today i did the wendsday workout shoulders and theres like 5 little excersizes with weights... i dont feel anything though. and you can do thease exersizes so fast it just doessent seem like im getting any workout in at all. i was thinking of maybe instead of making it 5 different days maybe combine them. i meen who goes to the gym to do a couple exsersizes just for shoulders? i was thinking maybe combine wendsdays workout (shoulders) with thursdays back. so im doin back in shoulders in one day. and then chest (fridays workout) with mondays workoud legs...and then on another day do tuesdays workout which is arms is abs (this workouts long). then just repeat this whole routine which makes six days take two days off to recover and do it again. (wile im waiten those 2 days i could concentrate more on my cardio..does this sound better?

i dont like how short the one they gave me and when you think about it its just one mucil group once a week.. i want a little bit more. thank u and i hope i didnt confuse u.

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    Start with a sensible diet, and most importantly you want to try to eat every three hours an if you can every 2.5 hours. Small meals, and they can be quick ones too, like the new muscle milk light or a protein bar. You want something that is at least 15 grams of protein and low on sugar. Then you want to incorporate at least 1 hour of cardio at an elevated heart rate, that will make you burn fat and nothing else. If you want to do weights (which I do not recommend) do the cardio last to optimize fat burning. The treadmill will do, unless you can get that elevated heart rate up walking the pavement. If not the stationary bike will do, set the settings high for an interval of at least 15 minutes, then switch every 10 minutes to build your stamina. Eat every three hours at least.

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    to be honest, i didn't read all of the post but here's what I;ve learned about working out

    don't be afraid of gravity, floor workouts like pushups and situps are still good

    yoga and swimming are the best workouts (my opinion) because, in general, are all around type of workouts

    don't work the same body part 2 days in a row because if you overwork them, you may lose mass

    integrate as much cardio as you can! it is NOT the enemy

    don't overwork your muscles, go until they are comfortably sore

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    p90x thats all you need

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