Why can't I access my Gmail account?

I changed my password for my gmail account today, and it worked fine. But later in the day, I got signed out of gmail, so I went to log in and I typed my password. But all it kept saying was that my password was somehow incorrect. I tried to reset using my yahoo email account, but I ended up typing my yahoo email wrong, and now I can't change it. I cannot get into my YouTube account without my gmail account. I tried filling out the password form in gmail and I haven't got the email yet, so I resorted to more desperate measures. Can anyone please help me?

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  • 10 years ago
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    your Google account is mobile verified ?

    or choose a option Can't access your account?

    see step by step option. i think you understand then choose recover my account . type your 2nd email account when you sign up your Google account.

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