What make of engine does Toyota use in their NASCAR racer?

I am not aware of any Toyota pushrod V8's so what is their engine based on.

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    One of the biggest controversies in Nascar was when Toyota came around. All other manufacturers are forced to use a production pushrod V8 block, and then modify it to race. There used to be a "must be 500 available to the general public" rule for engines, but not anymore. All of the big 3 were allowed to make very slight modifications for their next generation engine, but it's still the same block they've used for years. When Toyota came around, they have never mad ea pushrod engine, so they were allowed to start from scratch. The problem is that they were allowed to design intake ports, exhaust ports, counterbalances, and other aspects of the engine for racing from scratch. A Chevy or Ford V8 was not designed to turn 9000 rpms, but with some modifications, it can. Toyota's were designed to run at those RPMs and their power band is much different than other manufacturers. In fact, the Toyota engines have a variable power band by using different heads. That's where they gained their unfair advantage (if not unfair, at least unequal). That means that with a different configuration, they can have high speed or high acceleration. At a place like Martinsville, you need acceleration. At a Superspeedway, you need top speed. The other manufacturers use smaller engines that are bored out to 358 ci. Toyotas are designed to be 358 ci from the start. What this has allowed them to do is increase horsepower by 50-100 hp, depending on what configuration they're using. Nascar has therefore restricted the Toyota engines to run at similar horsepower ratings. Unfortunately, reducing their horsepower has not corrected the power band issue. In a perfect world, the big 3 would be allowed to design a new engine from scratch, but they don't want to dump the money into such a huge project, whereas TRD didn't mind at all. Chevy is still the manufacturers champion, and their drivers have won the last 6 championships in Cup, so why fix what isn't broken, I suppose.

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    Well the only V8 they use is in the Tundra. When Toyota came into NASCAR since they had no clue about how to do it they basically took Chevy's notes, so I assume Toyota's engine in NASCAR isn't exact but it's very close. Also a little weird how Toyota has the 5.7 Liter when GM used the 5.7 for years and years in their full size trucks until changing to the 5.3 Liter as a primary V8 in the full size trucks.

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    The engine Toyota uses is a pure race engine, it shares no parts or features found in any Toyota production engine.

    It also gets to use larger bore centers than the American engines do and is cast out of aluminum.

    The American makers have to use cast iron blocks.

    Another case of NASCAR not being consistent with rules.

    IMHO, Toyotas shouldn't even be there until they use the same spec's as everyone else.......

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    I don't know all the specs but I've been told that the bore centers are larger than whats allowed for GM or Ford. I've also been told that the blocks are Aluminum, everybody else has to use cast iron blocks. From what I think I know, I can see those engines running cooler than others. Cooler running means more power.. BTW, get out to the local track or drag strip, there are still several of us that are sponsored by our own billfolds.......

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    None of the companies use stock engines in their cars, they wouldn't hold up.

    All the race engines are 5.7, because that's the largest NASCAR will allow.

    the block and part of the valve train are the only parts any of the brands use.

    all the cars are hand made from the top down

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    They use a custon built "Toyota" engine, just as if Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge would use. It is there own make of engine, unlike most hillbillies would suspect....."They all use Chevy motors anyways"

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    A gm 5.7 smallblock bowtie block which contains 4bolt mains and more nickle in casting for strength&cooling

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    For the truck series they use Tundra's

    For the Nationwide & Cup series they use Camry's

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    they use the flinestone engine

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