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tenth one piece crew member?

who is going to be luffy's tenth crew member? will it be hodi jones, ven decker, or caribou? i do not want guesses, if yhou do not know for sure then dont answer. if u r pretty sure then plz tell me and explain y it will be that person.

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    right now no one knows for sure because the manga hasnt gotten to that point yet but in my opinion i would say none of the above why would any of those join luffy i think the last member will be jimbei why? well first of all ace asked jimbei to protect luffy if he didnt make it alive secong whitebeard did everything he could to protect and save luffy from the war because he saw his potential and third jimbei saw himself luffy's streght and saw just what kind of man he is. just like jimbei respected and admired whitebeard i think he does for luffy now as well so i'm pretty sure he'll be the next straw pirate but like i said no one knows for sure yet i do hope is jimbei tho he helped luffy so much without him luffy would've die at war

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    I was seriously thinking about the exact same question last night. I was thinking that it should be a Devil Fruit Logia type user (preferably a fryit that allows the user to turn into water) or even a Strong Fishman like Fukaboshi - Neptune's Son or a stronk Haki user

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  • 5 years ago

    Nobody knows right now but it is not hodi jones caribou or ven daken

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