How much can I sue for a dog bite?

k so I live in Canada, and my neighbours dog bit my mom !

and it got infected so she was on an iv for a week

the guy said he would rather not go through lawyers

and he said hed pay her

for missed work pay

I said $2500 and he said he was thinking $500

do you think $2500 is resonable ?

i mean for a week and a half of work pay

transit to the place to get the iv bags changed twice a day

there and back was $60 by cab (she dosent have a car) times 2 for twice a say is $120 a day

for seven days of treatments

120 times 7 =840

plus wages about 1000

and some extra for pain and suffering

thoughts ? should i just go through the courts ?

could i get more?


I am from canada all the medical stuff is free , she goes to a place with nurses everyday to get it checked and changed

the monotor is trained to go off every 8 hours and then changed once a day !

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    In the USA, it would be a small claims matter, and you are not allowed to sue for "pain and suffering" unless it is so outrageous it pisses off the judge. Another thing, our Small Claims Court is to make you "whole", not to profit! In order to get pain and suffering and punitive, you would need to hire an attorney and take it to Superior Court. I am not up on Canada Courts.

    Source(s): Worked for years at Small Claims Court in California. What I am saying is true. Too bad I am getting so many thumbs down. Go to Superior Court, you can sue for all you want. Another thing, that I hate, but it is true, a "dog" is considered property, not a pet, or companion, or best friend! Sad, but true!
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    What are the dog bite laws in your province or territory? Does it allow you to sue for pain and suffering?

    Before you agree to anything, spend a few dollars and seek the advise of a lawyer, or in Ontario a licensed paralegal. It will be well worth it.

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    Something is wrong here. If she was in the hospital on an IV for a week, $25000 wouldn't put a dent in her medical bills. In addition, she would not be going back to work in only a week and a half. If she was on an IV and NOT in the hospital, your medical care is even worse than I have heard.

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    iv for a week? did she have gangrene???? either your full of **** or your mom got mauled by a pitbull.

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    you are entitled to millions and squillions

    ill be your lawyer

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