How to change a photograph?

My wife's wallet was robbed last week and she had a photograph of her and her dad who died not long after it was taken. The photo shows them looking and smiling at each other (she was about 4 years old) and unfortunately the photo is now gone but was her favorite memento of the both of them. I came across a similar photo of them both sitting in the same places position and all that but looking at the camera. Is there a way to change the other photograph to show them looking at each other again, it was her favorite photo of the 2 of them and she is heart broken about it. Anyone able to tell me if this can be done, can i do it myself with certain software or stores that could do it for me, thanks in advance!


Unfortunately I don't have the negative.

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    No computer program can make faces turn, c'mon now, you surely realize that. A GOOD, and I mean an EXTREMELY skilled, highly paid graphic artist MIGHT be able to "turn the heads" in the photo, but it would all be speculation and guesswork on how they looked in profile. The results could possibly be good, but it would depend on the skill of the person doing the work and no matter how good it might would look, it would not be true to life. It would only be his manipulation and creative element as to the looks of the heads.

    Sorry for the loss, but be glad you do at least have THIS photo. I suggest you get a quality scan made of it and keep in on an ARCHIVAL CD in a safe place.


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    1 decade ago

    Not really possible to turn peoples heads, do you have the negative of the original picture? In future maybe scan your best photos so you will have a digital copy

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    You could try using Adobe Photoshop, and editing both faces but it would like quite weird.. The best way to do it is if you can get a pic of her dad side on, and herself side on, and photoshop the 2 faces into a certain background,

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