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Shelly asked in PetsReptiles · 10 years ago

Redtail Boa- Saddle back?

So Im about to trade for a Red tail boa for a large terrarium and accessories. I was told it was a Sadleback red tail boa. this will be my first boa 9 months old. iv got king snakes and ball pythons and corns. I was wondering if any one could find a link for a picture of a sadleback red tail boa as I'm having difficulty finding one and am just interested in what the saddle back means I'm guessing its a formation on its scales but iv never seen it thanks.


ya thats what i thought thanks. its 9 months old and well handled. not sure about anything else about it they just said it was saddle back red tail boa 9 month old.

thank you

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  • 10 years ago
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    well it seems the person trading with you dont know alot about boas however..there is no such thing as saddle back boa. saddle back is just the name for the patterns going down the snakes spine, nearly all red tail boas have a saddle pattern. do you know if its a columbian red tailed boa or is it any special morph, or just a common red tailed boa constrictor ? ive never heard of a saddle back red tail, and i do ALOT of research and am in partnership with some snake breeders that do shows all over the united states. granted ive heard of strange morphs out there. never the less red tails are a pretty good boa ( too big for my blood ) but ive handle a few and they seem like good boas. hope that helped and enjoy your boa

    Source(s): snake keeper
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