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Should I get an Alaskan Husky or Malamute?

I currently am a university student who loves to go hiking, swimming etc etc.

Recently I moved out on my own and I would like not only a companion but also a hiking/swimming etc etc partner.

I have researched both Alaskan Huskies and Malamutes and yet I want to be sure that the dog will be happy as well.

I live in an apartment with a fenced yard in the back, and while I do attend University and have a part time job the longest the dog will ever be alone is 5 hours max.

I am not one to party, I have a steady source of income, I have past experience with training dogs and my family has a 25 acre farm in which the dog will be able to run around with my family's beagle when I return to home every couple of months.

Do you believe that a husky or a malamute would be a good fit for me and if so which one?


Until I moved out on my own I previously lived with a high-maintenance beagle, who SHED CONSTANTLY, and needed to run CONSTANTLY so neither is a problem for me.

(just to clarify I'm not complaining about either, I love Jake to death and would have brought him with me if he wasn't such a huge fixture in my families life.)

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    Firstly, A ''Alaskan Husky'' is not a real breed. Nor the AKC or any other breed register recognizes it, Therefore it is not a legit breed. Beware of any breeder trying to sell you an ''Alaskan Husky'' or Huskey for top dollar as they are basically a Siberian Husky usually crossed with a Alaskan Malamute or sometimes even hounds and terriers. They are basically expensive mutts. *Note: I'm not saying they're not good dogs or pets. I'm just saying, instead of paying top dollar for one, You can usually find them cheap or free and still in good health. As with registered breeds your basically paying for a piece of paper, health guarantee and a pretty dog.*

    Siberian Huskies (Sibes or sometimes refereed to as Huskies) are intelligent, hard working, compassionate, talkative, energetic, independent and pack & family oriented. These dogs do need frequent exercise whether you have 0.10th of an acre or 100 acres. So this shouldn't be a problem, They need athletic challenges daily. This breed bore very easy and can become destructive. They are excellent escape artist so I usually recommend families or people who plan to keep them indoors and only outdoors for a couple of hours or supervised regularly. Swimming & hiking are the two actives a encourage most owners to do with their Sib. The also tend to have high prey drives, They shed year round and blow their coats twice yearly. This is when they rid themselves of the entire undercoat to make room for new hair. They're great dogs, but I hope you don't mind hair.

    Alaskan Malamutes (Mals or Malamutes) These dogs are smart at getting what they want, they can be head strong or stubborn especially when they're bored. They are commonly mistaken for Sibs but they are an entirely different breed. They do not have blue eyes but they do share the same coat color. Unlike the Siberian Husky where they're eyes can be blue, brown, green, gold or bi colored. They're a good deal bigger by about 10-15 lbs. Usually have a thicker coat. They shed yearly as well. They are very active, They are also contributers to sled racing. Instead of speed they provide the power. Usually the ''wheel dogs''. Unlike Sibs they do tend to be more loyal but still love to roam. They are fantastic with children (they tend to overpower small children) and mostly with other dogs. They are wonderful family pets.

    You can get more information on Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes at

    Also try these videos,

    Breed all about it: Siberian Huskies

    Breed all about it: Alaskan Malamutes

    Dogs 101: Siberian Huskies

    Dogs 101: Alaskan Malamutes

    Personally I think a Siberian Husky will fit into your lifestyle best. Best of luck!

    Source(s): Studied & Owned Sibs & Mals for 7+ Yrs. I currently own both breeds. I also run a Sib & Mal Owner's Forum.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Should I get an Alaskan Husky or Malamute?

    I currently am a university student who loves to go hiking, swimming etc etc.

    Recently I moved out on my own and I would like not only a companion but also a hiking/swimming etc etc partner.

    I have researched both Alaskan Huskies and Malamutes and yet I want to be sure that the dog will be...

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    Dog 101 Husky

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    Hey! Well, they're both very different breeds. The Alaskan Husky is a beed not recognized by the AKC, o any kennel club, because there is no set standard. These dogs *live* to pull sleds, so if you're not a musher or not starting sledding, I don't reccommend it. I would definietly not call them expensive mutts, as they are just the generic sled dog, and run in all major races, and Siberians cannot compete with them in speed as Alaskans were bred not for appearance, but for speed. They are not mixed with Malamute, and while many of the old lined ones have Siberian Husky, they are a completely different breed, and even varies within the "breed". Some are mixed with hound, but anything to make them fast. Many need blankets as they cannot cope well with a severe arctic winter.

    Mals are very sweet dogs, and very athletic, but, unlike the Alaskan or Siberian Husky, they are content with a steady and slow. pace They are also great dogs for camping, as they can carry heavy loads and won't get impatient with going slow, and are very strong and gentle.

    I'd reccommend the Mal, they're not as "fiesty" as the Siberian (or alaskan)has a record of being, but are extremely loving and clever, and don't have the escape artist trait nearly as much as the siberians are so famous for.

    Here is the malamute club of America, you can contact a breeder to learn about the breed, I'm sure they wouldn't mind with any questions. - Sled dog central, many alaskan husky links on this site! - petfinder Alaskan Malamute profile.

    Also, there's many great books at your local library, I often find them bette than internet souces. - If you want a purebred puppy, and opt not to adopt, advice on finding a good beeder of a healthy dog.

    And I completely reccommend dog sledding! It really is very fun, and can be done without snow! Contact me for information.

    Source(s): Sled Dog Enthusiast.
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    I'll just be realistic here and say that these two breeds (Alaskan Huskies aren't actually a breed, but whatever ;p) are highly energetic and NEED lots and lots of socialization. They really aren't apartment dogs and adapt harshly to small environments. They also need a lot of exercise, and I'm not talking about a 2 hour walk, I'm talking walking + running + pulling + mental stimulation.

    I had a Siberian husky and I would go for 2 hour walks, then we'd go roller blading for about an hour, then we would stop about a half hour at the dog park, and then go back home either walking or running, and back home, she was still very excited and wanted to run, thank god I had other high energy dogs and a big backyard.

    You should maybe wait while being out of Uni before getting such a high maintenance dog.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Dog trainer, behaviourist and has owned Sibes and high maintenance breeds.
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    There are a few real keys to dog training, whether you are trying to train your dog to come when called, sit, stop barking or any other behavior. Understanding their importance is critical to achieving rapid results that are long lasting and help develop the bond between you and your dog. Read more here

    The first is simple; you must win your dogs mind. If you don’t achieve this first then you will be struggling the all the way. When I talk about winning your dogs mind what I really mean is that your dog looks to you for all the decisions. Before you do anything else watch one of the amazing video sites that show you the 5 Golden rules to establishing yourself as the pack leader. If you aren’t putting these in place then you are setting yourself up to fail. Just at the crucial point where you really want your dog to listen they will go and do their own thing. For sure your dog may play ball occasionally or even most of the time, you may even have a dog that is obedient 99% of the time, however if you want a dog who always listens to you and does as you ask then you need to win your dogs mind.

    The second key to success is to motivate your dog. It is really important that you discover what it is that your dog enjoys both in terms of exercise and play but also in terms of a reward. If you can make the experience enjoyable then you will both achieve more and look forward to training.

    Some dogs love to fetch, others love agility, and other dogs simply love obedience training, or swimming out into water and retrieve. At least to start with find out what your dogs love is and help them develop this, what I am saying is work with your dog. The other point to recognize is to make training enjoyable reward your dog.

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    I would say a Siberian Husky instead of an Alaskan. They are far more better tempered than the malamute. I did tons and tons of research on them when I was deciding to get one. Just be a strong leader and train it and they will be an amazing loyal companion.

    Source(s): I'm getting my Husky in a few years.
  • They both need lots of attention and exercise. But huskies are known to run away a lot and they need huge yards. Malamutes need lots of exercise too. But I would go with the malamute.

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    Huskies are great but can be unpredictable at times as far as temperment. Malamutes are more of an across the board melower animal. Good luck either way!!!!

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    Malamutes tend to be sweeter, easier and more docile then huskies (this is all relatively speaking, BTW) Are you aware of the boatloads of hair these dogs shed at least twice a year? And they are also heavy diggers and can never, EVER, ever, ever, ever be let of lead. The will run far and fast and never look back.

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