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Who is the best out of Mike Richards, Paul Stasnty and Jason Spezza?

Rank them and give me a reason

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    1. Mike Richards

    2. Jason Spezza

    3. Paul Stasnty

    Mike Richards is absoulutely phenominal he is very tough has a great hockey sense he knows what he is doing knows what his teamates are doing knows where he should be he is a great asset he is hands down one of the best leaders in the NHL and he can get points on the board and just because he isn't always points per game or better does not mean that someone who does is

    Jason Spezza is great he has some leadership skills he could be a captain (maybe) but he is injury prone, some nights he will have 2/3 points which is great but he is sometimes inconsistent but what makes him great and one of the reasons he might find his way over Stasnty is that he could play anywhere he is a great team player and his talent is a bit of everything and could play on almost any team no promblem

    Paul Stasnty is another great player but not as good as Spezza or Richards. Stasnty i dont think brings as much leadership skill as the others and i can't see as captain. He is a great playmaker he knows where the open man is and creates great plays but his major promblem is since joining the NHL he hasn't improved and if anything his skill has dropped more then gotten better

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    1. Mike Richards 2. Jason Spezza 3. Paul Statsny

    Spezza is one of the most talented players in the leauge, and has maybe the best hands in the world, but his heart and effort isn't always there. Plus he's injury prone.

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    Mike Richards > Paul Stastny > Jason Spezza

    Mike Richards is known for his hard work and two way game. Furthermore he was selected and played for the Canadian Gold Medal Olympic Team. As of the moment he has a better overall game than the other two.

    Paul Stastny is younger than Jaon Spezza and plays with weaker linemates. Which makes Spezza the most overrated of the three.

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    Mike richards palms down. Mike richards is the form of participant which could kill effects, play the powerplay, point somebody to alter the momentum or maybe combat if he ought to. Richards is a extra robust chief and a lots extra effective winner; richards is the single with the gold medal. Richards is likewise smarter on the ice and collectively as spezza ought to have a sprint bit extra effective inventive and prescient and slightly extra effective palms richards is a lot extra effective in any respect of the different factors of the sport that he will become the lots extra effective participant. I forgot to declare richards is likewise extra effective at faceoffs.

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    1.Richards: When you combine his fine offensive talents, with his leadership, his tremendous defense, his ability to hit, block, grind, get nasty, and his tremendous smarts, you have one of the top 10 players in the game. Mike Richards does EVERYTHING. He doesn't get any credit for just how good he is. There's no player in the league as versatile, and very few that are as smart.

    2.Stastny: I'd say he and Spezza are about even, maybe Spezza is actually a little better, but Spezza's injury troubles scare me away.

    3.Spezza: See # 2.

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    1. Mike Richards 2. Paul Stasny 3. Jason Spezza

    mike richards has 19 goals and he is a gritty player. paul stasny has 19 goal and got named to the all star game. jason spezza is having the worst season ever.

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    1.Mike Richards. I hate the Flyers but I like Richards. He's a good leader and plays excellent two way.

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    Rick Dipietro beats all of them on any given day! He could knock them out with one punch!

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