SSD Drive (Solid State Drives) Who makes the best SSD Controller? Which is the most reliable ?

I've heard of these SSD Controllers

- Intel

- Sandforce


- Indilinx

- Samsung

- JMicron

Who makes say the best? Or most reliable. I've been told it doesnt matter the brand ie (corsair, ocz, kingston........that it all has to do with the SSD Controller)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Most good SSD have the MLC controller built in...SSD is still in its "infancy" so there longevity is not been mapped yet...I have this... for my OS and a few regularly used programs. It has TRIM ATA-8 and SMART. Some people have had a problem with the Marvell Controller. while others think the Intel X25 has the best controller. get it with SATA 6GT/s (SATA III) if your mother board has SATA III for the fastest available transfer rate. works fine for me! (so far!)

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  • amandy
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    4 years ago

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