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Why are Men in the West so Emasculated, as opposed to the East?

West says East should adopt its values, but men in the west have their balls chopped off in the name of equal rights and example would be Peter Griffin how he is made the stupid one as opposed to Lois who keeps him in line, as with Every Body Loves Raymond, or the King of Queens, and various commercials like the all-bran, cheerios one where the woman tells the man to shut up and he cowers down. Why are Men depicted as stupid in western media the woman tells them what to do? Why are men told to cook and clean, baby sit like a woman does?


I understand Saudi Arabia and Taliban(especially) are one extreme. But this proposal doesn't seem very attractive to them. They'd say, No Thanks, they like their testicles...

Update 2:

Lamplighter, please, dont give me that. We all know, women are confused, they say they want a sweet guy, but totally lose it for a "Bad Boy" guy who treats them like sh**. Its so typical, its a cliche. I wont take your statement into account. Anyway, Family guy is one example, among many. But also, why are men told to cook, clean, and baby sit, and share homely responsibilities? I think you missed that.

Update 3:

I think its because women have economic power now as opposed to the 50's, and they get half of everything and the children with divorce. So they figuratively have the man by the balls.

Update 4:

Lamplightre, if you're a woman then you're confused. If you are a man, then you are one of the metrosexual Seacrest, Beiber types i am talking about.

Update 5:

gabrielle, that is certainly one extreme as i mentioned, and its wrong. Personally, i believe any man that hits a woman is a big pu'ssy himself. However any man who wipes the babies *** and cowers down, is also a big pu'ssy.

Update 6:

I am sorry to have judged you Crystal, by your display picture you actually seem very Conservative and Prudent. Its so rare to find women that save themselves till marriage, so good on you!

Update 7:


Update 8:

Its so rare to find so and so women in the the west.

Update 9:

Haha, i dont have a sister. But i assure you, i am absolutely against hitting a woman, under any circumstance. I am a very cool and collected person so thats one of the reasons. On the contrary, there are unbelievable amounts of domestic abuse reports and cases in the west, some which would put the Saudi's at shame.

Update 10:

I am actually a very liberal left wing guy, you are judging me wrongly. But i just think something seems wrong. Trust me, i have a much much bigger beef with Saudis and the like. This is just for jokes. Sorry if i hurt your sentiment Crystal, nothing against you but you attacked our people! But the guy who harmed the girls face, i'd love to pull the lever to the noose for him :-)

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    Yeah, we all know you'd really like to live in a place like Saudi Arabia, so don't try and hide it.

    Typical Muslim *******. You have no problem with the extremist ***** who posts her cook theories all over Yahoo because she's all covered up and submissive, and you call me a ****.

    Again, go **** yourself.

    a man: I have to agree with that statement. Have you seen those J-rock bands? Total pansies.

    Edit: Do you think I can't spot sarcasm. Again, you're a typical Muslim women-hater. Go beat your sister.

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    The media isn't real life. My wife thinks she's smart, but I prove her wrong constantly. Sure, she handles the finances, but I also have to leave often, so she needs to be up-to-date with the bills and things, so I leave it to her. And I help clean, but I also made half the mess, and she works while I'm in school.

  • Sitcoms hardly count as evidence.

    Furthermore, being able to actually produce a meal, and clean up after yourself happens to improve one's genetic fitness.

    I hardly count that as emasculation.

    Source(s): Any human being who doesn't know how to prepare food is a sad excuse for a human being.
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    LOL!!! I hope you're gay because you're not going to attract many women. :)


    I agree that there are women who say they want a good guy and then gravitate to those who hurt them. But that's an immature woman. There are lots of those to go with all the immature men out there. But there are lots of men and women who are all grown up, too.


    Neither woman nor metrosexual. Fully functioning human being. Try it. :)

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    So it takes stoning women and slapping them around to make you feel like a man?

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    You're clearly a ******* moron. The fact that you bring TV shows and of all FAMILY GUY as evidence for your claims only improves my original thoughts that you're a hopeless and complete ******* moron.

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    Our culture has indoctrinated them and they have no survival instinct left.

    Humans just do NOT give up their territory, their political power and control of their military to other tribes, like what's going to happen soon in the future with the minority birth rates. It's insanity.

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    Japanese men are f*gs. so are Chinese. they look like women too. If you think justin bieber is a guy, you need glasses. Women like emasculated men more because they are all confused lesbians


    you prove the last point. good luck checking your brain out

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    Turn off the TV and flip open a book.


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    one word: Department of Education

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