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Shelly asked in PetsReptiles · 10 years ago

what insects should i feed my sav monitor?

Iv tried Crickets and she doesn't seem interested at all, so im wondering what else to feed im trying to get a hold of a roach colony as no one around has any feeders for sale. I will not feed her meat, rats, or dog food she needs to only eat insects since she is over weight.


I was able to get her to eat some crickets today so all is good.

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    A healthy sav. monitor is a pig and will eat just about anything. Check your temps, humidity, etc to make sure they are correct. Gutloaded crickets and superworms are good insects to feed. Feeder fish, hardboiled egg can also be offered. Rodents (frozen/thawed) are a staple of the diet. Dog food is NOT a recommended food. Obesity is a problem in these guys. Small, more frequent meals ar better than stuffing them once or twice a week. Go to for complete care/feeding info.

    Source(s): CVT and reptile owner
  • shari
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    5 years ago

    If you don't get the dam and pup to the vet urgently, start digging a gap. She's in too much agony to maintain her dog. She knows she's demise but you are ignorant of the actual fact. She's been struggling for every week and you haven't even troubled to take her to a vet? You consider you are overeacting? Sweet Jesus! This is gross negligence. You must be charged with animal cruelty and not ever allowed to possess one other animal.

  • Nathan
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    10 years ago

    You might need something larger. Roaches are optimal. But, I understand they are illegal in Canada. You can try super worms, snails, earthworms, locusts, and whole prawns. Quail chicks are a good feeder. But, should be fed sparingly.

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