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Shelly asked in PetsReptiles · 10 years ago

what type of insects can Water dragons eat?

so iv adopted a water dragon he is very small, and recently had mouth rot though the previous owners had him medicated from a vet and now it seems to be going away. iv been offering crickets 3/4 size and he doesn't seem to care. water dragons are knew to me as is mouth rot, so I was wondering why he doesn't seem to want to eat and what else can i offer him besides fruits, veggies and crickets?

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  • 10 years ago
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    my friend had the same problem. what she did was offer crickets, but also offered it mealworms. he ate them then he started to eat crckets. now he will only eat crickets and veggies...hope i helped!! ^^

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  • 10 years ago

    Crickets are the best for now. Just make sure they aren't too large (no wider than the space between his eyes). Make sure they are completely gutloaded before feeding them to your CWD. Medications sometimes affect appetite. I rescued mine and she came with intestinal parasites...this should always be checked by an experienced herp vet. His mouth could still be painful and infected. It can take weeks to heal. It is vital to keep his temps up and be sure to be providing correct UVB and humidity as well. They can also eat mealworms, superworms, roaches, phoenix worms, earthworms and feeder fish. Some will eat a small amount of vegie or fruit.

    Check out Tricia's for complete care advice:

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