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Help with a TEFL Question?

I would like to become a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Mexico.

I've been doing some research about the educational requirements and have found out that as long as I have:

- a University degree in any specialization (I'm considering English and Latin American Studies).

- a TEFL/TESOL certificate

Are those really the only requirements?

Since I need "a University degree in ANY specialization", is English and/or Latin American Studies fine? Or do I need a 4 year Teaching Degree & a Major in English?

People I've spoken to recommend ITTO -International Teacher Training Organization to get a TEFL certificate.

Do you agree? Do you recommend another place?

Also, I have a dual- citizenship; Canadian & Uruguayan... If I decide to take Latin American Studies in Toronto and go over to Uruguay to learn Spanish (considering that it's free, and I'm a citizen) will that be a bonus on my record for when I go to get a job?

Not sure if it matters but...

I speak English fluently and speak at the intermediate level in French & Spanish

I currently live in Canada

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    A degree in any area and a reputable TESOL/TEFL certificate is necessary to teach English worldwide. ITTO is not recognized in Canada. If you want to teach here, you need to take a course that is recognized by TESL Canada, which is also highly recognized worldwide.

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    Those are the only requirements [and to be a native speaker]. English and Latin American studies would be a good choice. If you wanted to, you could later take a masters in TESOL. The only exception to this is if you wished to teach children in international schools. For this you need state recognized teaching qualifications. Teaching in international schools is a full-time job, but the pay is much better than for other kinds of TEFL teaching.

    Speaking other languages will be a bonus, especially Spanish in Latin America.

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    If you have a degree and speak English fluently (especially if you are a native English speaker) you can go pretty much anywhere ant teach. Consider Asia. They pay well in Japan and Korea, but make sure that you communicate with other TEFL teachers that are currently teaching at the schools. The reputable school will provide you with names and emails of other teachers for references. If you are not doing it for the money, then I would suggest Thailand or China, but Mexico might be a great place also. Go to Dave's ESL Cafe. on the internet.

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    If you have a especially interested in understanding Latin American Spanish then you need to get a course a on-line course of Spanish

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