What was the holocaust?

When and where did the holocaust happen?

Why might the holocaust be important?

Whom did the holocaust involve?

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    Jews are rich but money cannot buy Israel. Jews are good assassins, but assassinations cannot give them Israel. Jews have led most revolutions across the modern world, but revolutions and toppling off of Kings in other countries cannot give them Israel. Final solution, which alone can give them Israel and simultaneously fulfill their desire for world domination are;

    a) Immense Public sympathy in their favor which Jews generated in the form of 20 times exaggeration of German Holocaust though it was Hitler who favored creation of Israel and immigration of Jews to Palestine and also offered them free transportation. However Rabbi Abba Hillal Silver of Cleveland and Rabbi Stephen wise of New York assailed the decision on the ground that it will make Jews a pauperized salesmen of German made goods (see New York Times Dt January 15, 1939).

    b) A weapon of massive destruction which at one throw can immediately capitulate them to world center stage and which will, not only make them militarily dominate the world, but would substantially enhance their claim over possession of Israel, and thus enable them to rebuild their destroyed first Temple.

    The third and final stage of Holocaust by Jews began with the quest for development of Holocaust weapon i.e. atomic bombs to fulfill three thousand year old Jewish desire since the days of King David for world domination.

    Thus Leo Szilard, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, financier Bernard Baruch, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Lipman Siew @ William Leonard Laurence, Eugene Wigner, all Jews devoted themselves to military dominance over the world by their research, production and actual use of atomic bombs on huge civilian population by burning alive estimated 10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men - all civilians when it dropped atomic bombs on two major cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945.

    The population of Japan in 1930s was 130 million half of them in cities and half in villages. There were 13 cities and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in top half. Thus assuming Tokyo had 20 million and smallest city had only one million, the average population of top half cities was still approx 10 million. Further assuming that only half of population was burnt alive that still leaves us with casualty figures of those who were burnt alive at 10 million. Since allies had done it and immediately occupied Japan thereafter and continue to do so till date, they have reduced casualty figures by 20 times. It’s just like saying that city of Los Angeles, Chicago or California have population of one hundred thousand only.

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    The Holocaust was Hitler's attempt to exterminate Jews, Gypsies, and other "non-Aryans". It occured between 1938 and 1945. Several death camps were spread out across Central Europe.

    Source(s): World History class.
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    Google. There are so many sites about the holocaust.

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  • Yea i agree with OnTheEdge, Google is a magical site!

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