How much does it cost to get a filtering system put into the river?

approximately ^

& what are the benefits of having tourists come to hotels. Eg. they will want to preserve the natural beauty, etc..

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    For a river, a civil or environmental engineer might design a "constructed wetland". I think they are lake or swamp-like structures intended to use biology (plants) to filter the water. I expect price would depend on the pollutant(s) to be removed and how many million gallons per day would flow through. It might also take land, so the price of land near the filter location would also be a factor. It would be a big real-estate development project, and you would likely need lots of money, or give people a share of the future profit.

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    Nothing, it is altready there. The river already has a better filter than anyone can design, the biological filter. The symbiosis of bacteria, plants, algae, and higher life forms will break down almost any pollutant (except those labeled "bio-persistent" such as PCBs). The issue is reducing the runoff or dumping of pollution into the river, which disrupts the ecosystem. That is where the money comes in...finding the sources of pollution and taking action to eliminate them. In many cases a publicity campaign is all that is needed.

    Once the pollution source is brought under control, the recovery process can be sped up by properly engineered artificial wetlands and various other processes, which will vary according to the extent of the pollution.

    This all changes if you are talking about using the river as a source of potable water. For that, the water needs to be tested to identify pollutants of concern, and a water treatment system needs to be designed to address those...which can range from a few thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars.

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